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More From Russell Crowe’s Debut Movie…

movie poster

Movie Poster with Russell Crowe’s name in top billing when he is actually playing a supporting character, but you promote a movie the best way you can.

movie poster 2

Cover to what appears to be a DVD release containing the alternate title of the movie, Blood Oath. While Bryan Brown gets his deserved top billing, Russell Crowe’s name is still mentioned alongside co-star George Takei.

June 26th, 1990 – his movie debut…

On the twenty-sixth of June in 1990, in what is considered his motion picture debut, Russell Crowe appeared as Lieutenant Jack Corbett in the film Prisoner of the Sun (aka Blood Oath). The role is a supporting one, but he is working beside a remarkable cast: Bryan Brown (Breaker Morant, The Thorn Birds), Terry O’Quinn (The Stepfather, Lost), and George Takei (Star Trek).

Per IMDB, the story is as follows:

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2 Natalia – Crowe’s Point

Disclaimer:     The following story has been written with no intention of claiming ownership or solicitation,     No claim reassignment of copyright or copyrighted material is intended, nor should such be inferred by the publication of this work.  The movie character(s) have been borrowed and are not being used for any other reason except entertainment.  Please do not copy, publish or alter this work in any way without the written permission of the author.


Tina was in the flower garden clipping fresh blooms for the cafe tables.   It was a task she thoroughly enjoyed.  Tina was snipping some black-eyed Susans when she saw Bud walk by.
“Hi there, Bud!”
“Hello,” he waved and approached her, careful not to step on anything living.
“You look rather pensive,” she observed.  A stray curl was sitting on her forehead.
“Yeah, well, I was just thinking.”
She smiled broadly.
“Thinking is good.”
Bud thrust his large hands in his pockets and looked at his feet.   Tina put her basket down.
“What’s on your mind?”
Bud wasn’t the talkative type that unloaded all his thoughts and problems on anyone who asked.  He knew most people who asked, didn’t really want to know.    Tina was different.   When she inquired of your mental state, she was genuinely interested.
“You know that there have been a few women that I’ve liked and dated and…..”
“They suddenly became idiots and let a good man go.”
“Uh, no, that’s not what I—-you DO know I’m talking about myself, right?”
Tina frowned.
“Of course, I know who we’re talking about.   What brought this up now?”
Bud looked skyward, nervously rocking.
“OH!” Tina shrieked.   “Is there someone new?   Someone here?   Who is she?   When did you meet her?”
This might not have been a good idea,” Bud thought.  “She’s really freaking out.”
Tina grabbed Bud’s arm and fairly dragged him to a nearby bench.
“Come on, spit it out!   Tell me everything!”
“There’s really not much to tell…”
“Is everything okay over here?”   Bud and Tina looked up to see John standing near the rose bushes, his brow furrowed with concern.   Nothing looked out of order.   “Didn’t I hear you scream?” he asked Tina.
“Yes!   Good news!  Bud has a new girl!”
“Well, uh, no, I don’t have anything yet—”  Bud looked at the ground, dearly hoping for some sort of black hole to appear.
John Biebe beamed.   He was very fond of Bud.   This was good news.
“Who is she?”   John saw the uncomfortable look on his brother’s face.   “Now, Tina, why don’t you get off his lap and let him talk.”
Tina looked at Bud and laughed, slapping her knees.
“I guess I AM getting a little carried away!   Sorry!”
“He knows you mean well, darlin’.   Just give him some air.”
“I met her this afternoon.   Her name is Natalia.   That’s all I know.”
Tina bounced off the bench as though propelled by a spring.
“And you want me to see what else I can find out?”
“Actually, I was going to ask if you thought it was foolish of me to start another relationship.”   He heard John snort.  “But I guess you’ve already answered that question.”
Tina looked from John to Bud, surprise written all over her face.
“Why on earth would I think it foolish?”
John and Bud exchanged a grin.
 “John, why would I?   You know I’m all for romance.”
“Tina, we know that.   But sometimes a guy feels foolish for no reason.”
“Yes,” Bud chimed in.  “And we just need reassurance that we aren’t being silly.”
John picked up the basket of flowers and handed it to Tina.   He winked at Bud as he walked her to the hotel.   She sensed the men were teasing her–lovingly, of course.   They ought to have known nothing would put her off the scent.
Natalia?  Let’s see what I can do to bring them together!”  she thought, smiling.
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Additional 2

Once again, we’d like to thank you for visiting us and checking out our pages. One page we have noticed that has been looked at time and again is our “What Is The Point?” page. I’m pleased to announce that it has been updated! If you’re curious to know what we’re all about, this is the page to reference.

As always, if you’ve read a story here that you liked, please leave a comment or send an email to one of the addresses at the bottom of our main page. We will be sure to forward it to the correct author. These stories are a labor of love and the authors poured their hearts into them. It is a special feeling to know that someone has been touched by them.

Updates have been slow, but continuous.

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Tavern Update

A new chapter is up in the Tavern – Chapter Six of Sharon’s “Ashokan Falls” – this was not the kind of entrance Chloe was hoping to make at the Point.


And a story by Joan – the first part of “Programmed For Success”. Joan is a member of the Point from its early days and her story introduces programmer Siobhan to Maximus, our favorite gladiator, as well as sets her up to be an experiment for SID 6.7. But is SID really interested in improving himself? Hope we find out in subsequent chapters!


If you find that you’ve come into the middle of a Tavern story posted on the blog, an easy way to find earlier chapters is to go to the Tavern in our menu bar, where our drop-down menu will show you the various authors. Click on the author of interest and you will find a list of their stories. Currently, stories that are in the process of being written will show up as blog post links on the author’s page. When the story is finished, it will be posted in total as a page of its own.


If there are any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our emails are at the footer of the main page.


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6 – Ashokan Falls – Crowe’s Point

She slid into the abyss and Pippin threw the pebble after her, looked down as if from the top of a well.. She shouted and flailed. The rim of the abyss turned into tatters of cloth that moved briskly to hold her tight. Daylight flooded her vision and a different face stared back at her.


It took a few moments to realize that she had, at last, woken up. It took her a few more minutes to realize her throat was raw.


“Are you alright?” The stranger asked.


Chloe blinked, senses reeling. Something familiar tickled the edges of her memory. Disoriented, she looked around. Trees were all around, the ground rocky and sparse. A crow cried out as it flew over.


The face in front of her was youngish, handsome, familiar.


“John?” She rasped. “Is it…John Biebe?”


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Programmed for Success, Part 1

Siobhan couldn’t believe what she was hearing: “Overtime? Again tonight?”


Her team leader shrugged her shoulders. “It can’t be helped.”


“I had plans, Beth. This is the third Friday in a row you’ve sprung a last-minute special project on me.”


Beth shook her head. “I’m not going to argue with you. I have dinner reservations, but I’ll be back. We’ll talk then.”


Siobhan looked down at the specifications Beth had tossed on her desk. Another last-minute data query for a user who wanted it Saturday morning and wouldn’t use it till Tuesday. Fine, but this was the last one. She opened a new email and began to type:

“Dear Tina,

I’ve reconsidered your job offer. Hope you haven’t filled it. I will call you later.


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