By Featured Character

Jack Aubrey  

Bosoms; Or A New Year’s Story

Elaboration On A Dream

Arthur Baskin         

Blowin’ In The Wind

The Party

John Biebe       


Colin O’Brien

The Private Nurse


After The Fire

Ashokan Falls  (CP)

At The Point  (CP)

East Driscoll  


Zack Grant 

Song of Mourning; Dance of Grief

Lachlan Curry

Anzac Day

Wanted It To Be 

Their Own Medicine


Only Love Can Hurt Like This  (CP)

Maximus Decimus Meridius  

A Beautiful Heart

A Summer Night’s Story


Is This The Answer?

Programmed For Success

The Chosen One

The Road to Elysium

The Wolf of Rome

Tunnel of Time (incomplete)

1 The World In My Eyes  (CP)

2 A General’s Best Friend  (CP)

3 Distant Echoes (Incomplete)

Dr. John Nash

Pythagoras  (CP)

Keeping Me Alive  (CP)

Dark Clouds On The Horizon (CP)

SID 6.7

1 Mirrorball  (CP)

2 Minding SID  (CP)

Terry Thorne       

Better Late Than Never  (CP)

2 Heisenberg At The Point (CP)

She Works Hard For The Money (CP)


The Downtime Woman

The Stranger

Wendell “Bud” White 

A Crusade For Mandy

Desert Flowers

Havanna, 1958

LA Confessions

Summer In England

Things Change


What’s Wrong With Us?

An Ode To The Boyz At The Point

Movie Gods  (CP)

Crowe’s Point – Original Character

Dr. Anthony Girardeau

1 Letting Go

2 Faith

3 First Date

4 Grace

5 Official

Their Own Medicine