The Party – Crowe’s Point

 Author: Chriztine

Rating: NC-17

Character: multi

Disclaimer: The following story has been written with no intention of claiming ownership or solicitation, nor does the author claim the movie character(s) as his/her own.  The movie character(s) have been borrowed solely out of a love of the particular movie and is not intended for any other purpose but amusement and entertainment.


It was crowded in the room; the boys were there with their ladies and guest for the celebration of the Creator’s wedding. Everyone seemed having a good time.


Johnny stood, watching one of the new girls. She had come with Arthur and she looked wonderful. Her blond hair and deep blue eyes were breathtaking. She was almost the same height as the guys and she had a slim body with the right proportions.


In one way, she reminded him of Meg, but taller. His thoughts wandered to what he wanted to do with her. He felt his dick harden and had to snap out of it before it got too uncomfortable. He also knew it wasn’t good to try to take someone else’s girl. It had ended badly for him once before, a bad memory for him. The girl seemed to be a good fit for Arthur; she seemed to be very shy from what he had noticed so far.


Chriz was shy, or more likely, she was used to keeping to herself. She had always had a hard time feeling that she fit in anywhere. Her self-esteem wasn’t the best, even if it had started to get better over the last couple years.


Arthur had been so nice to her, arranging the dress for her to wear, even if it wasn’t exactly the type she would have chosen. She couldn’t complain, after all that he had done for her. She had only been there for a few days and it felt like she was about to come home; that was something that made her fell that she might be able to fit in.


It had taken almost a whole day before Arthur had gotten the courage to ask her to be his date for the party. Chriz understood his shyness and waited patiently for him to get over his shyness before he finally asked her. She didn’t need a long time to think about whether she would say yes or no and it wasn’t just because she felt that she should be grateful to him. She also felt that if she didn’t go she would miss the one person who had drawn her to this place.


When they entered the room, her heart was pounding so hard that she almost couldn’t hear anything else. She was glad that Arthur didn’t leave her alone because at every turn she saw one of the incarnations. It was a weird feeling to see all the guys who looked so like Russell Crowe, just in different ages and forms. Most of them she had only known from the movies she had seen. There were a few that she couldn’t place and fewer that she had actually met.


They received a few surprised looks as they walked through the room and after a while she began to understand that it was very rare for Arthur to come with a girl on his arm and she felt honored. Arthur introduced her to some of them: John Biebe, Maximus, Bud White, Terry Thorne, Colin O’Brien and all their ladies. Chriz wondered if she would ever be able to learn all their names and who was with who, there were so many.


She was also glad that Arthur tried to avoid both Hando and Sid. They gave her the shivers each time they met and if she was able to manage it she never wanted to talk with them. She was also glad that both their girlfriends were there. She didn’t think that she would be able to keep either of them at a distance as she seen how they could easily influence Arthur.


When the dance began and several couples appeared on the dance floor, Arthur had been asked to dance so Chriz was standing alone. For several minutes she felt that someone was watching her. She started to look around to see who it was, hoping in her heart that it wasn’t Hando. He had given her very suspicious glares the few times they had met since her arrival. He was a person she avoided anywhere.


There were three guys she would have loved to be introduced to and hoped that the one watching her might be one of them. It was actually those she absolutely wanted to meet. Chriz was sure it was, for it was because of them that she had searched for this place. After seeing their films she had become hooked up with Russell Crowe and the rest of his movies.


She saw Jeff sitting in a corner with his boyfriend, deep in a kiss, so it couldn’t be him that was watching her. She felt a little sorry that it wasn’t, even though she knew she would never have a chance with him anyway.


The next person was on the dance floor with his back to her. It was impossible to mistake him with his semi-long hair and cowboy boots. Instinctively she put her hand to the cross she was wearing around her neck. It was a nervous gesture that helped her to stay calm.


Chriz hoped that the song would end soon so that Arthur would come back. She wanted to leave, but didn’t dare walk away alone. The stare from whomever it was made her very nervous. It felt different from anything else she had ever experienced. She was used to men staring at her, but from this guy it was something more. She was getting goosebumps from it and it wasn’t like those she got when Sid and Hando stared at her.


When the next song started and Chriz saw that Arthur was still on the dance, floor she thought she might gather up enough courage to get herself a new drink. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, telling herself that this was something she could do.


Johnny had seen Arthur on the dance floor, leaving the girl sitting by herself and he decided he at least could ask her for a dance. He walked towards where she was seated and when he saw that she was looking around, he knew that she probably felt that she was being watched.


When her hand rose to her necklace and started to fondle the charm, he knew that she was nervous. At the same time, she closed her eyes and didn’t notice that he was making his way towards her. She looked absolutely beautiful up close and Johnny really wanted to let her know. His heart skipped a beat and he hoped that she wouldn’t be startled when she opened up her eyes and saw him in front of her.


He cleared his throat so she would know he was near and wanting her attention.


Chriz heard someone clearing his throat and had felt the presence of the person getting closer. It had to be the one that was staring at her. Slowly, she opened her eyes  and turned her head to see who it was.


The person was a young man with white jeans, a blue t-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt. He was looking down at her with his blue-green eyes. She was slightly startled, mostly because it was Johnny Ryan. Blinking, she hoped it wasn’t a dream and that he was actually standing there.


“Hi, I’m Johnny, and I’m wondering if you want to dance with me.”


A lump rose in her throat and she could only manage a nod and took the hand he offered to her. They get out to the dance floor and started to dance.


There was a good song playing, an easy one to dance to and this was lucky for Chriz as her heart had started pounding again. To be this close to Johnny made her feel like her bones were made of clay. She was relieved that she was able to follow him and not trip over her own feet or his, which she often felt like she was doing when she tried to dance.


Chriz was happy that he had come and asked her to dance. It was Johnny that been watching her and he was one of the ones she had wanted to meet and get to know. She hoped to talk with him and that it wouldn’t stop their dance.


Johnny felt that she was stiff to dance with, like she was trying really hard not to step on his feet or over her own. He thought it was kind of cute. Close up, he really saw that she did not look so much like Meg. Her hair was brighter and she had a very nice figure. Also she was taller. He like that she was almost the same height that he was. He wouldn’t need to bend down so far to kiss her mouth. If he had known her longer he would have done just that but he reminded himself that she was with Arthur and he had to be happy with only being friends with her.


The dance was over too quickly and he would have loved to have held her longer. He had felt the electricity between them and wondered if she was aware of what seemed to be happening. It made it easy for Johnny to decide that he wouldn’t let her go so easily. When the song changed to something faster, he took her from the dance floor and looked around. Unable to see Arthur, he asked her if she wanted something to drink. Anything to be with her longer and hopefully to get to know her some more. She was really quite shy, he noted, as she hadn’t said yes or no more than one or two times during their dance.


“Yes please, it would be nice,” she said, the effort of not trying to step on his feet had made her thirsty.


Chriz felt herself blush and hoped that it would melt together with the color the dance had given her. She was glad that he still wanted to be with her. She thought he might have felt the same thing that she had. There was an electricity between them, something she hadn’t felt with Arthur, who was a nice enough lad and she thought he deserved a girlfriend. She felt certain now about the feelings she had about going to the party; she had done the right thing.


“What do you want to drink?” Johnny asked.


“Whisky and coke, please.”


When Johnny had their drinks, he took her to an empty booth. Sitting down, he started to ask her questions like how she had gotten to the Point, how long she had been there and so on. *


With the help of the liquor, Chriz was able to get rid of the lump in her throat and answer Johnny. It felt easy to talk to him and he seemed to be interested in her. She appreciated that he hadn’t made any moves to kiss her and at the same time she wished that he would. She knew that she would have allowed it.


Before they finished their drinks he had taken her hand, beginning to stroke it with his thumb. When she looked into his eyes she saw that he wasn’t aware of what he was doing or that it was making her tremble. Chriz was glad that they were seated and that they were in a dim corner. She had a habit of being unable to hold her gaze in one place for a long time; she had to know what was happening around her.


Johnny wondered how he could extend their time so he would be able to kiss her. He really didn’t want to scare her off, but he had noticed that she was like a deer. Her eyes mirrored every little movement that happened around them, like she was ready to flee if it got too awkward. He laid his hand over hers to let her feel that she didn’t need to be scared of anything, hoping that she could feel that he would protect her.


When the loud explosion came, Chriz withdrew her hand and jumped up in a second. She noticed everyone rushing out to see what it was. It sounded like fireworks and she had always loved them. She forgot where she was and followed the others outside. Something wasn’t right when the fireworks came from every direction and some came very close to where they were all standing and they had to duck.


Chriz felt a pair of hands pull her away from a stray firework. When she looked around she saw that both Johnny and Arthur were there. They all looked at each other and sighed with relief that they had not been harmed.


After the fireworks had stopped most of the people went back inside. The music had changed and Johnny caught Chriz to take her dancing again. He wanted the opportunity to hold her when she looked like she was in an excited mood. There were more couples on the dance floor so Johnny had to hold her closer than before and it was easier this time because she knew how he danced.


Arthur felt disappointed and hurt when Johnny took Chriz up to the dance floor. He had thought about asking her to dance with him. Why did he always have bad luck with the girls? All those he met seemed to just want to be friends with him and his brothers always seemed to have the luck with the ladies. He had hoped there could be something between Chriz and him. They had become good together after she had arrived and he had found her. He didn’t want to loose her and she had been so nice to him.


Chriz saw how Arthur sank as Johnny took her on the dance floor. She had to try to dance with him too. She thought it had just been his shyness and uncertainty that made him make his decision so late. He had to calculate everything ten times before he did anything and she knew how it was to be like this because she was often like that in new situations. Also, she had come to the party with him and it was proper etiquette for her to dance with her date.


But then, the feelings she felt for Johnny influenced her. She felt more secure with him and that was right. She was certain that a little seed had found a hold in her and would grow. She really liked Arthur but there was something missing there compared to what she saw and thought of Johnny.


Arthur did get to dance with Chriz and probably had some blue toes before the evening ended. Johnny went home alone but with a feeling of happiness because Chriz had agreed to eat dinner with him the next day.