5 An Ode To The Boyz At The Point

By Karen

Jack Corbett
He was the Captain’s assistant
during a military trial
against horrible crimes
there could be no denial
He was the first to arrive
and pave the way for the others
He served as a soldier
a fine example for the brothers

Dominic Maloney

He was a fine Irish lad
who discovered life and romance
before going to war
and taking a chance
Now at the Point
he’s very lonely still
for the woman out there
whose heart he can fill

Kim Barrett
He never lets opportunities slide
ambition was his game with fortune the prize
Too slick though for many
he would fail to rise
He is not well-liked
and is regarded as a pest
A young woman is needed
to show him what’s best

Johnny Ryan
Johnny loved Meg
but her heart was divided
until the train came round
and the crossing decided
Now he resides
with the rest of the boyz
Chriztine is the one
to bring him all joys

East Driscoll

East loved horses
and they were his life
until Grace came along
He fell for another’s wife
He met up with
a Welsh lass named Kath
Been together for years
True love is their path

He helped a blind man
to see photos to a tee
People don’t lie always
was his point said he
He married young Jennifer
and manages the bar
His life has new meaning
shining bright as a star

Lachlan Curry
A brave young pilot
to Canada he flew
to an ill-fated love
from which he had to withdrew
Lisa loved Jeff
at first this was true
but Lach changed her heart
the skies are now blue

His life was violent
He wore racism on his sleeve
Davey was the only one
in whom he’d believe
He’s now a changed man
and Max is his friend
with Stef as his lady
his soul has to mend

Known only as The Man
he was fit to be tied
to capture elusive Thowra
and retain his pride
Norma Jean called him Egan
and gave him his name
He found fate with her
and life’s never been the same

Arthur Baskin
Here was a man
with virtue to give
He was shy with the girls
and had yet learned to live
With clipboard in hand
he’s a bit of a drone
He works very hard
but he’s still all alone

Jeff Mitchell
He was the sweetest plumber
you’d ever likely meet
You had to be a guy though
to make his heart beat
He stands out at the Point
as the only gay brother
With Rick and Jeff in his life
there’s no need for another

He was an outlaw with Herod
but he took up the vow
He was tempted by Ellen
and she showed him how
Now an expert in love
A virgin no more
Roberta and Kelly
have opened the door

Sid 6.7
He was programmed to kill
but he wanted to play
He acted on impulses
which he wouldn’t delay
Sid is the man
everyone abhors
except Tawny and Lady
whom he clearly adores

Alex Ross
With a fedora on his head
he was a lethal charmer
He chased after Myra
A shining knight in white armor
He’s in love with the chef
who cooks so divine
Annabella and Alex
are doing just fine

Zack Grant

He was a federal agent
who had to rescue his son
He killed the bad guys
to make sure he won
Who would have known
he was a Star Trek fan
With Buggy by his side
they watch all that they can

Steve loved Monica
and Monica loved Steve
but they kept breaking up
their love too intense to conceive
He’s the one with the camera
Donna keeps him in line
He’s a little mischievious
most of the time

Colin O’Brien
A sad life had Colin
He got in with a bad lot
Midori taught him to love
For her he so fought
He has happiness now
Chelle has made him complete
We wish they would wed
to make everything neat

Bud White
He was a tough cop who
had his own justice in mind
Lynne Bracken saw through him
because he was kind
He’s every woman’s hero
Aurore and Ainslee would tell you so
He’s the one to rely on
to fight every foe

John Biebe
A hockey playing sheriff
living in the Alaskan cold
He loved his family dearly
They were precious as gold
One of the leaders at the Point
with Tina as his wife
A father figure to all
He helps keep away the strife

Jeffrey Wigand

A man of integrity
he risked everything dear
He was the ultimate insider
about a toxin we should fear
The oldest of the brothers
with grey in his hair
He’s captured the heart
of Wendy most fair

Maximus Decimus Meridias
A general that became a slave
and defied the emperor of Rome
Denied a simpler fate
He only wanted to go home
Still a great warrior
He’s the strongest of all
(we don’t count Sid as he’s not human)
With Laura and Evelyn
he will not fall

Terry Thorne

A K & R man
he committed a grave sin
of falling in love
with his cargo’s kin
No longer so serious
he likes to be merry
With Kaz for the ride
he’s quite healed, our Terry

John Nash
The man was a genius
He also was quite ill
The love of his wife
filled his heart still
He thought his life over
when he came to this place
He found love again
looking into Karen’s face

Jack Aubrey

A leader by sea
Hopeless while on land
It was a good thing
to have Stephen on hand
Popular with the ladies
he has now found peace
with Beej, Rachel
and finally Denise

Dr. Anthony
A doctor was needed
One had to be found
to keep their place secret
to make their health sound
He thought medical matters
would most be on his mind
He didn’t count on Steph
to be his great find