2 Minding SID – Crowe’s Point

Author: Tawny

Character: SID 6.7 “Virtuosity”

Rating: R

Disclaimer: The following story has been written with no intention of claiming ownership or solicitation, nor does the author claim the movie character(s) as his/her own. The movie character(s) have been borrowed solely out of a love of the particular movie and is not intended for any other purpose but amusement and entertainment.


Part One


The housewarming party for Anthony had a relaxed feel that Tonya had not expected. Everyone was trying hard to make the new doctor feel welcome and she had done her part to see that nothing happened. After introducing herself and Sid to Anthony, or ‘Dr. Tony’ as she had taken to calling him, she banished Sid to play outside with the other Boyz. The last thing that anyone needed was Sid trying to mess with this poor guy’s mind.


When Laura and Max arrived, Tonya held her breath. Even if no had told her about the problems that the two men had, one look at Dr. Tony had told her everything…this guy looked just like Joaquin Phoenix. Didn’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that Max was going to have some issues dealing with a guy that looked like the psychotic fuck-nut of an Emperor, Commodus. Hell, the fact that the guy had come decked out in his full military array said that he was nervous as hell.


Tonya lost track of time thinking about what Max must be going through until she heard laughter coming from the front of the house. She saw Laura shaking her head at Terry, whose face had the biggest shit-eating smile she had ever seen. Apparently the Boyz had decided to have a bit of fun with the nametags that they were all forced to wear. Tonya had ripped hers off just after she had talked to Dr. Tony and pitched in the nearest trash can. She looked for Sid and found him eavesdropping on the conversation in the living room. He looked ridiculous pressed flat against the outside wall, listening to all that happened within through the window. Apparently he was hoping to find out something to use against one of the other residents.


Of all of Sid’s bizarre habits, eavesdropping was the one of the ones she had the biggest problem with. It was one thing to overhear a conversation, but Sid sought them out like a bad tabloid reporter hoping to find the scoop of the century. He would do anything to cause a bit of trouble. Finishing off her iced tea, she went in search of a more adult type drink. She was going to need it to get through this night without killing Sid.


Once in the kitchen, she opened the fridge to find a good variety of beers on hand. She grabbed a VB and popped it open. She nearly had finished it off in one go when she heard Terry.


“Hey there. I know you can drink like one of us, but isn’t this a bit much?” Terry reached around her and grabbed two more beers and popped one open to hand to her.


“Not if you don’t want me to get of rid of Sid for y’all.” She threw her empty in the trash and took a small sip of the new can.


“What’s he doing now?” His can popped open and he took a sip while waiting for her to go on.


“Well, he has eavesdropping down to a fine art. He’s outside slinking around like a well-dressed Inspector Clouseau.” Terry laughed and almost spit his beer out. “You should see him! He is like a child!”


“But you already knew that, didn’t you?” Tonya lowered her head and refused to look at Terry. He was so right. She had known all along how immature Sid could be, but she cared for him in spite of it all. His immaturity was part of his warped charm that she had found strangely innocent. He had all of these fucking psychos in his head, but still was trying to adapt to life in a semi-real world. “Tawny? Are you okay?”


“Yeah.” She looked up and saw concern on Terry’s face. Why couldn’t she have had a connection with him? “I’m fine. Hey, what are you idiots doing with those name tags?”


Terry laughed and then filled her in on his plan to have some fun confusing the good doctor. She nearly dropped her beer when he told her Andy’s plan for Arthur’s tag. “Did you guys make one for everyone?”


He giggled and then suddenly looked very guilty. “Umm…yeah, we did.”


“What did you do?” Tonya tried to keep her voice light, but she failed miserably.


“Well, I made one for you, but I don’t think you really want it.” She didn’t say anything but held out her hand. After a few moments, Terry shrugged and handed her the small slip of paper that held the new tag. She didn’t hear him when his fellow conspirators dragged him out of the room. All she could do was stare at the nametag they had made for her. ‘Tawny ˆ Sid’s minder.’


Part Two


Sid was near the corner of the house listening to Zack and Buggy talking. There was nothing really interesting to hear. All they doing were engaging in their odd form of verbal foreplay that the two had raised to a new level in absurdity. They were an odd pair, but they amused him none-the-less.


No one was talking about the thing he most wanted to hear about ˆ Maximus. This night had the potential for disaster and Sid wanted to be there to see it. It was fun to see Maximus, the great general, finally getting nervous about something. He had been waiting for something that he could use against that self-righteous, self-sacrificing, holier-than-thou wannabe since everyone had ganged up on him and locked him the basement for a month. It was Max’s turn for torture.


Tonya had informed him that he was to remain outside and to cause no trouble. The only reason that he was still pressed deep in the shadows was that he wanted to fuck her tonight and pissing her off would not help that at all. Even he didn’t want to mess with her when she was truly angry, although he thought her beautiful at those times. He closed his eyes and replayed some of their more interesting moments together in his head. Memories played like a filmstrip in his head as he remembered everything about her. The sounds she made when she was aroused and the screams she could unleash when he made her come. He could see the moonlight on her skin, just like when he saw her for the first time in her room and he had known that she was his. No, he would behave just so that he could have her tonight. He sighed and thought of the sacrifices he made just so he could get laid.


His eyes popped open when heard Maximus’ voice joined with some of the others. His Laura has disappeared…how interesting. Sid peeked around the corner and saw that Max was staring up into Dr. Anthony’s apartment with a look of rage, terror, and disbelief. It was finally happening. Max was getting ready to lose his famous control and composure. Sid couldn’t stop from giggling as he made his way towards the door. He was almost there when Bud walked into his path.


“And just where do you think you’re going?” Bud crossed his arms and looked down on Sid as much as he could, considering that they were the same height.


“To watch the fireworks,” Sid couldn’t help giggling as he pointed to the door. “Or maybe a fight — now that would be fun! I’ve been waiting for the ‘great’ General would finally lose it — looks like tonight’s the night.”


Bud shook his head slowly. “Forget it, Sid — you’re staying outside. Remember what I told you when you got here? If you cause any trouble, I’ll kick your ass all the way back to the tavern.”


“It won’t be me causing problems this time,” Sid replied. “I just want to watch.”


“You? Keep your mouth shut? Not likely.”


“Sid?” Shit…busted. He turned at the same time Bud did and saw Tonya approaching with a look of anger on her face that was tinged with disappointment. “You’re not going inside, are you?” He felt her slip her arm around his and she glared at him. “You promised you wouldn’t bother Anthony.” Yep, she was pissed all right. He had never heard her call the doctor anything except Dr. Tony.


“But — but I haven’t done anything!” She tightened her grip on his arm when he whined. So much for getting laid.


“Yet,” Bud added, folding his arms across his chest.


“Come on, Sid,” She pulled on his arm and started towards the truck. “Stay away from Maximus; it’s been a nice, quiet party so far and we want to keep it that way.”


“But I just want to watch,” Sid continued to protest.


“I’ll take him home,” Tonya said over her shoulder to Bud. Sid looked at her and couldn’t tell exactly how mad she really was. She sounded like she was calm and collected, but he could tell by the fire in her eyes that he was in for it, even if he hadn’t done anything. Bud called out a thanks, but Tonya just kept walking away from the house with Sid in tow.


Part Three

Sid tried to talk to Tonya all the way back, but she just looked out the window. She had unlocked the passenger door when they reached the truck, crawled in and handed Sid the keys. The short ride seemed to take forever in the awkward silence. When they pulled up to the dock, Tonya had the door open and was out before he cut the engine. She simply walked away from the truck, boarded the boat and walked directly to the bow.


Sid followed her, but didn’t walk towards her on the deck. He went inside the cabin and shed his suit in darkness. After donning a pair of silk pajama pants, he walked barefoot across the cabin to watch her through the large window. She hadn’t moved from her spot and stood still looking up at the stars, which filled the night sky.


She had done this before when she had been angry with him. In the last few months, he had seen her go off on her own when she was beyond words many times. Always she took the time that she needed to be able to talk to him about whatever was upsetting her. Unfortunately for him, she was always getting upset about something that he had done. He took this time and watched her. No matter what had happened, he watched her during these calming periods of hers. She would start off being so tense that it looked as if every muscle in her body had to hurt. Ever so slowly she would relax, the tension draining from her in small increments until she had straightened out exactly what she needed to say. For some reason she always took less time when it was a clear night.


Checking the clock on the wall, Sid noticed that over an hour had passed and that was she looking much less tense. He got up to grab a bottle of wine. That would help her calm as well. He had noticed over the passage of time that he got used to these periods and that he found comfort in the routine. The routine of their lives was something that he treasured. Waking up next to her in the mornings, cooking, swimming and whatever else they did as they passed time together was calming for him. He even loved watching her as she worked on the medical transcriptions that she had started to do when she realized that there was nothing else for her to do here. He would sit through her tirade because, in his mind, it meant that she cared for him and them too.


Returning to his seat, he looked up and was surprised to find that she was no longer on deck. She usually came inside and sat on the couch to talk when she had calmed down enough. Her clothes were there, but she was gone. A splash off the starboard side told him all that he needed to know.


Tonya marveled at the temperature of the water as she dove in. Sometimes it reminded her of the American Atlantic coastline and the warm waters there, while it was clear like the coastal waters off the western coast. Another miracle of the Point…there were so many that she stopped trying to understand them a long time ago. Wiping the water from her face as best she could, she swam out from the boat a ways and just tread water. The stars looked so bright out here. There were no city lights to dim them and it was a new moon, so every star visible to the naked eye seemed to be putting in an appearance.


Turning around she could see Sid leaning against the railings just watching her. She had been so mad at him. All that she had asked of him was to stay out of trouble and he had jumped at the first opportunity that presented itself. Knowing the history between Max and himself, Tonya was surprised that she was able to get him away so easily. He always had longed for some revenge for getting locked into the basement for a month. Considering all of the things he had done, Tonya thought that had gone easy on him.


She could understand that he didn’t like many of the people here. He always felt that he was the victim when he in fact deserved most of what was coming to him: understandable with some of the people in his head. Most people here had come to instantly distrust him and his motivations, so much so that he was practically ostracized from the others. If she wasn’t with him anymore or at least nearby, they pretty much just shut him out.


And that, of all the things that had happened tonight, irritated her most of all. She really was his ‘minder.’ Everyone at the Point looked to her to keep him under control and out of trouble. Bud still threatened violence and Max wanted him…well, out of the way is the nicest way to put it. When they were uncomfortable, she got a call to come over and take care of him. That was her role here whether she liked the title or not.


After a few minutes she swam back to the ship and just tread water at the side. Looking at him now he looked so…innocent. She honestly couldn’t think of another phrase. He really didn’t understand sometimes why following his urges was such a bad thing.


“Just tell me what you were thinking about.”


“When? Just now?” He smiled down at her, but it didn’t reach his eyes.


“Back at the party. What were you thinking about when you were going into the house?”


“I told you. I wanted to see Max lose it.” Sid felt uncomfortable as she just looked at him. “He’s always being used as a role model for self-control and thinks of himself the savior of this place. I just wanted to see him lose it once.” He giggled a little and then looked back at her. She continued to stare at him. Suddenly, he understood what she wanted to hear. “I wanted to see what would happen if he acted like me.”


Part Four

“What do think would happen if he did act like you?” Sid just shrugged and sat down so that his legs were dangling off the deck and his arms were resting on a rail. He looked like such an insecure little boy. “Do you think that he would be treated the same as you?”


He shrugged again and muttered something like ‘I don’t know.’ He sat for a while, obviously thinking so Tonya swam over to the ladder and held on, waiting for him to speak. “You’re always telling me that no one can act the way the that I do and get away with it, right?” She simply nodded and waited to hear him out. “I wanted to see what would happen if Maximus did it? I really don’t think they would lock him up in a room for a month.”


“I doubt it. What do you think they would do?”


“Probably haul him off to his room. Maybe even hit him. I wouldn’t have minded seeing that!” He grinned, but it was fleeting.


“Do you think that they would treat him differently than you if he acted like you?” He shrugged again. “Do you think there is a difference in what he wanted to do and what you would do?”


“If he acted like me, then I think that they should treat him like me!”


“Okay, what happened the first time that you did something like that? What happened the first time that you lost it?” Tonya wanted him to get this so badly. He had been improving when it came to seeing consequences for action and she knew he needed to see this.


“I don’t know. They hit me, I think.”


“Did they lock you in that room that first time? What about the second time?” He stared down into the water and said nothing. Tonya started to crawl up the ladder as he thought. “Do they lock you up every time you do something?”


“No.” She barely heard him. Reaching the deck, she grabbed her towel and quickly wrapped it around her and sat down next to him.


“What was the real issue here tonight, Sid?” He turned to look at her, truly puzzled. “I know that you know that being restrained isn’t the real issue here. Did you want to see Max lose it so that he would look less than perfect?” He nodded and she continued. “Did you want to see him look human?”


“YES!” He turned to face her and held her shoulders. “Nothing would have made me happier than for him to prove to everyone that he’s not perfect.” When she dropped her head and started playing with her hands, he really got confused. “What?”


“Everyone already knows that he isn’t perfect. You’re the only one who thinks that he is incapable of failings.” She finally looked up at him and her eyes reflected the light of thousands of stars. “No one is perfect, Sid.” There was nothing he could say. He just looked at her as he processed what she had said.


Tonya reached out and pulled him to her into a hug. They sat that way for a long time until he slowly pulled back. “Then why does he always act like he is?”


“I don’t think he acts like he’s perfect. Think about it, Sid. He’s a warrior and what is one of the warriors greatest assets?” He said nothing. “A warrior has to know his weaknesses. Commodus was his nemesis, his greatest weakness. Everything that he had, Commodus took from him. Maximus is acting that way because he knows his weaknesses and Dr. Tony looks too much like Commodus for comfort. I don’t think that he can start acting like himself again until he deals with the fact that this is a false threat.”


“When I start acting like that, everyone goes nuts.”


“Sid, honey, everyone knows why Max is uncomfortable right now. No one knows with you. I guess most people would feel better if you didn’t lose it quite so often. We all know why Max is so freaked out, but you are always a bit of a mystery.”


He tilted his head towards her and smiled. “I like being a mystery.”


“Of that I have no doubt.” She kissed his cheek and stood up. “I’m wiped. I going to bed.” She walked off without making an indication that he was free to follow. He continued to sit there for a bit, feeling that this wasn’t quite over. Max’s faults, no matter how laughable he found them, weren’t what made her so angry earlier. The waves brushed gently against the hull of the boat in a rhythm much like a heartbeat. After a few minutes of that, he thought of something he hadn’t thought of before and jumped up to join Tonya inside.


Part Five

The boat was silent. Sid slipped softly through the main cabin and came to rest against the doorframe of the room he shared with Tonya. She lay on her side, facing away from him, covered with only a sheet. Moving in for a closer look, he picked up the towel that she had dropped in the middle of the floor. Usually she was fastidious about picking up her clothes, but she had left all of what she had worn earlier on deck.


Sid had come to the conclusion outside that she was still upset, but that it had nothing to do with Max, Laura, or anyone else at the Point. She was upset with him and, for once, he thought he knew what it was. Sliding next to her on the bed, he wrapped his arms around her and waited. She didn’t relax against him as she normally did, but neither did she tense up. She simply lay there letting him hold her.


“You weren’t mad because of Max, were you Tatiana?” It was her turn to shrug and he pulled her closer so that he could whisper directly against her ear. “You were mad because you asked me to do something and that I failed you.”


“You didn’t fail me.” Her voice was a whisper, but it cut him hard. “I asked something of you that I knew that you wouldn’t be able to do. I set you up to fail, so really I failed you.”


“That’s crap and you know it.” He rolled her over onto her back and gazed down into her eyes. “How many times have you told me that I am the only one responsible for my behavior?”


“Lots of times.”


“So what makes tonight any different?” When she started to respond he quieted her with a finger over her lips. “You asked me to behave. You asked me not to get into any trouble. I didn’t. I failed you when I went seeking out trouble.” He looked at her for a moment more and then rolled over onto his back next to her. “If I would have gone in there, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself and we both know it. I failed you because of that. I wanted trouble and I didn’t care who I stepped on until I got my fun.”


She continued to lie silently, just watching him. A minute passed into two and then into three with nothing being said. He glanced over at her and she was just watching his chest rise and fall as he breathed. “I think this where I say I’m sorry for you not being able to trust me.”


“Do you know what they were doing with the name tags tonight?” The conversational tangent surprised him, but he said nothing. “They were making gag ones for everyone and some even were switching them around. Terry gave me mine.”


“What did it say?”


She finally looked at him and placed her hand on his chest. “It said ‘Tawny ˆ Sid’s minder.'” He thought that he saw a tear, but she laid her head down on his chest before he could be sure. “I don’t want to be just your minder.”


“What do you want to be?” He stroked her hair as she lay there. It had grown out some and he was now able to grab a handful if he wanted. She just let him pet her for a bit. “Tatiana, what do want?”


“I don’t want to have to be the one to control you. I don’t want to be just your minder.” She lifted her head up and looked him square in the eye. “I want to be your confessor, your minder and your lover. I want to be your everything.”


“You are.” Sid pulled her close so that he could brush his lips gently across hers. “You are my everything. I…want you.” This time when they kissed, she gave to him all that she had. He felt her need and her insecurities. Everyone may think him an untrustworthy sod, but he didn’t want her to be hurt by those perceptions. “I want you to be able to trust in me. I won’t ever hurt you, you know that, right?”


“I know that you try not to hurt me. But you did tonight. I wanted you to show them what you are capable of. I wanted them to see you as I see you.” She kissed him again and pulled the sheet from around her so that they were pressed chest to chest, skin to skin. “I want them to see you as someone capable of caring. Not some fool out to laugh at the pain of others.”


His hands slid down her sides and rested just at her waist, squeezing lightly as he kissed her forehead. “I can try harder.” Odd thing was that he meant it. She asked so little of him. All she wanted was for others to see what she did. He thought she had a gift for being able to see him this way, but she wanted him to share it. He would try, but he wouldn’t give them everything. That was only for her. Only his Tatiana got to all of him, all he was capable of. She had given him his heart and no one else would have it.


“That’s all that I can ask for.” Tonya bent to capture his lips in slow, soul-consuming kiss.


Part Six

Sid watched her as she moved down his body, covering him with kisses and tasting every inch of his skin. His favorite silk pajama pants were going to rip if she didn’t free him soon. Finally she reached the waistband and slid them down his legs and off his body. He could remember exactly how long ago it had been since she had made him this hard down to the nanosecond. It had been way too long.


“Tatiana, please just do it.”


“Do what? This?” She brushed her hand along the inside of his thighs until she cupped his heavy testicles in her hand. “Or do you mean this?” Her fingers tickled along his shaft until she reached the head. All she did was circle the head with one finger, making it move as if it were following her every move.


“You know exactly what I want you to do!”


“What about this?” She teased him like this for several minutes. First she would drag her tongue along the underside, sucking gently at the skin at the base. Then she would nibble at his thighs. She was killing him. “Oh, I think I know what you want.” When she finally took him in her mouth he moaned loudly. Tonya flattened her tongue and plunged her mouth down on his length, swallowing him whole. He resisted the urge to grab her head and thrust when he felt the back of her throat grabbing at the tip of his cock.


“Turn around!” She mumbled against his skin, but made no effort to move from where she was. “I said turn around!” Grabbing her hips, Sid pulled her roughly until her legs settled on either side of his head. She never lost track of what she was doing and deep throated him again. Sid held onto her hips and lifted his head to taste her. He clasped the hard nub of her clit with his lips and moaned when she moaned with him in her mouth. The vibrations seemed to reach clear to his toes!


“Do you trust me?” He spoke slowly, between the long licks he was making along her entire slit. He repeated it again, but louder until she lifted her head and said that she did. “I really need you to trust me.”


“I do.” Tonya cried out as he kissed her labia like he would kiss her mouth, slipping his tongue out to trace the edges before plunging in to taste her.


“Good, trust me then.” With one finger, he worried the skin around her vagina before thrusting it into her. She sighed as he worked it in and out of her, soon adding another finger to the first. He suckled her clit continuously while he fucked her with his fingers, trying to keep himself from coming in her mouth. She worked over him frantically as she neared her own orgasm. Finally, he knew the time was right and withdrew his fingers. Tonya groaned her displeasure, but soon gasped as he circled the tight ring of muscles of her anus. “Tell me you trust me again.”


She lifted her head and held her body still. “I trust you.” Sid smiled and slowly pressed one finger against the opening. He felt her tense up, but he whispered soothing words to her and rubbed her hip with one hand until she relaxed. Soon both his fingers were in her and he was back to sucking at her. She had given up trying to keep him in her mouth, and now just moved her hand over him, as she gasped for breath. Just listening to her made him harder.


“Come for me,” he breathed against her skin as she cried out and began to shake, her body tightening around his fingers. All she could do was keep repeating his name as she came. He never stopped licking and sucking at her until she begged him to stop. “What do you want? I’ll give you whatever you want.”


Her hand tightened around his cock and she licked at the tip. “I want you to fuck me.”


“Do you now?”


“Yes. Please, just fuck me!” Sid moved out from under her and held her so that she remained on all fours, hovering over the bed. Positioning himself behind her, he rubbed himself against her.


“How do you want me to fuck you?”


“God! Please just do it!” She writhed against him, trying to spear herself on him.


“Do what? I need for you to be very specific.” Tonya moaned again as he teased her by thrusting his body against hers, but not penetrating her at all. She lowered her head and mumbled something against the sheets that made him smile. “Say again? I didn’t hear you.”


Lifting herself up, she angled her head so that she could see him. “I want you to fuck me in the ass!”


“Whatever you wish.” Sid couldn’t help but smile. He had wanted her to do this, but she had always been a bit skittish about it. Leaning over, he ran his tongue up the back of her neck and bit her lightly before moving away to get the lubricant from the drawer by the bed.


Tonya stayed exactly where she was, shivering as she knelt on the bed. He took his time gathering the lubricant and just watched her. She looked so wanton all spread out for the taking. Absolutely beautiful. Instead of jumping right in, so to speak, Sid moved up beside her and began caressing her skin. She shivered harder and whispered into the air when he began kissing his way down her spine. He didn’t leave an inch of he untouched, all the while rubbing himself against her. She let her head drop down between her shoulders as he massaged her thighs and back with his hands.


Leaning over her, Sid breathed against the skin of her neck before moving on to capture her earlobe between his teeth. “Tell me one more time that you trust me.” She raised her head slightly and whispered the words that he wanted to hear. He grabbed the tube of lubricant and spread it in small circles around her tight little hole. She was so relaxed that he slipped his fingers back into her with little resistance.


“I like that.” She moaned and pushed against his invading fingers as they slid in and out of her body.


Sid giggled as he pushed further into her. “I can tell. Are you ready for more?”


“Oh God, yes,” but she whined when he pulled his fingers out.


Once he had applied the lube to himself, he leaned over her again. He pressed his straining and now painfully erect cock against her and she moaned deep in her throat. “Just stay relaxed. You are going to fucking love this.” He bit her lightly on the neck and then rose up.


He spread her legs a bit further apart and then pressed the tip of his cock against the virgin opening. Well, he was pretty sure that she had never done this before and judging from her reactions he thought himself correct. She tensed up a bit as he eased himself into her and he reminded her again to just relax. He pressed further and could feel her body slowly welcoming him. Then, without warning, the tight ring of muscle released its hold on him and he slid slowly into the hilt.


Tonya was unable to speak only uttering long strings of incoherent syllables. For his part, Sid was unable to move. If he had moved, it would have been over right then and there. She was so tight and so hot that he thought he might come if he did. “Oh¹ don’t move.” He was panting as he spoke.


“No.” She started to push back against him, but he stopped her with his hands on her hips.


“Tatiana, please!” She stopped moving, but was shaking under him. Closing his eyes, he tried to focus on anything except how good she felt.


“Sid, I need you to move.”


“Am I hurting you?” His eyes popped open and he took a deep breath. He wanted her to enjoy this as much as him. Hurting her was not an option.


“No, but please fuck me.” She arched her back and almost purred out the request. That was his undoing.


Very slowly, he pulled out a little and then forwards again. Setting up a rhythm that pleased both of them, Sid smiled at the little noises that she made. She was moaning constantly, punctuated with higher pitched squeals when he changed the angle or thrust with a little more force. Her body was squeezing him like a vise grip and he knew that he could not draw this out much further.


Reaching around her, he ran one hand down her belly until he found her clit with her fingers. “You are so wet.” She was so wet that her juices were literally coating the insides of her thighs. “No need to ask if you like this.”


“Aaahhhhh… Sid, just fuck me.” He began tugging on her clit, like he was jacking her off, in time with his thrusting. Tonya soon began panting and shaking…she was close. He leaned down over her and wrapped an arm around her to pull her up with him. They were literally standing on their knees as he fucked her hard in the ass, rubbing her just as hard from the front.


She screamed as her orgasm hit her. At some point, Tonya had reach back and wrapped her hands into his hair and was now pulling hard at it as her body was wracked with pleasure. The tightening of her muscles meant the end for Sid. Biting down on her shoulder, he felt the hot streams leaving him in almost wonderfully painful bursts. His balls had tightened and were now emptying their contents into her.


Collapsing into a boneless heap on top of her, Sid reveled in the feeling of her sweat-slicked body under his. It took a long time for them to become coherent enough to move. Both protested with loud moans as he finally slipped his now flaccid cock from her, but moved until they were entwined around each other in a much more comfortable position.


Tonya lay with her head on his chest, much like she had done earlier. Sid pushed her sweaty bangs from her eyes and kissed her forehead.


“You are my everything. You know that?” Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded. “You don’t have to mind me, just love me.”


“I think I can do that.” Her sleepy smile did more to him that any amount of time locked in a room ever could. If he were denied that look that she gave him, coupled with that smile, he would literally have nothing and that was something he didn’t want to risk. He would behave better in the future; at least he would try harder not to get caught.