A New Page

Literally speaking, that is. I would like to announce a new page to Gaslights menu bar. It is called “Other Ways of Speaking.”

Apart from being the title of one of TOFOG’s songs, the page is to highlight a new phase for Gaslight in publishing fan fiction from fandoms unrelated to Mr. Crowe’s filmography and the alternate universe of the Point. While Gaslight will always remain focused on those, it is our hope to begin the inclusion of stories that will indeed show us “other ways.” The desire to experience other fandoms has something to do with Hamlet’s admonishment that there are more things to Heaven and Earth than found in one point of view, Im sure, but we just like the idea of bringing in stories that introduce us to something beyond what we’ve come to expect.

Hence Tina’s contribution, called “All This…And Heaven Too.” It is based on an anime, “Naruto,” but told from a very distinctive perspective. We’d be honored if you read it, even more honored if you gave the author some love in our comments section. At this time, only an introductory and a brief history are published. Subsequent chapters will be published in the near future.

~ Sharon

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