Another Movie Release…Kind of, Sort of (Hey – just a day or two late)

State of Play had already opened in the United States by the time it saw its’ UK release on April 22nd, 2009. But any excuse to post more pictures! The movie had a box office of over $9.2 million, putting it at #58 in the total of United Kingdom/Ireland/Malta receipts.

I also thought that since this is about the UK release, I’d mix it up a bit and also include some photographs from the 2003 BBC miniseries of the same name, and which was the inspiration for the movie…just so you can see the counterparts!



Kelly McDonald as Della Smith and not Frye (in this version), John Simm as Cal and James McAvoy

Rachel McAdams as Della Frye and Kelly Macdonald as Della Smith


                           Comparing Ben Affleck as Stephen Collins and Russell Crowe as Cal…

                             To David Morrissey’s Stephen Collins MP and John Simm’s Cal MccCaffrey

              John Simm as Cal

BBC Cast Photo including Bill Nighy as editor Cameron Foster, a role which – in the movie version – was filled in by Helen Mirren as the U.S. newspaper editor, Cameron











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