Well, things start to get rather confused in one’s mind when you’ve been out of town twice, and September 2016 was pretty incredible for The Keeper.

I was not only a maid of honor for a friend on a cruise wedding (she and her handsome fiance married before we left port and 11 of the roughly 30 attendees went on the cruise). Then I had my own vacation set up before I was asked to participate in said wedding. It’s been a great September, but unfortunately that meant that in a month’s time, I went from the Eastern to the Central Time Zone and back to the Eastern, then the Central, then the Eastern again (that didn’t even include that Mountain time layover LOL). And then a little over a week after that return, I went from Eastern, to Central to PACIFIC, back to Central and then Eastern again. The jet lag hit on Wednesday!

Okay, not fully recovered, but it’s time to put the proverbial nose to the grindstone and start kicking it up on Gaslight again.

Forgive the belated posts, but hope you enjoy!


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