December 20th, 1996

More than a year following its’ 1995 Japanese release, the Frank Cappello directed No Way Back was released in the United States. Co-starring the still little known (to American audiences) Crowe was a better known Helen Slater, who’s biggest roles to that point had been playing the titular character in 1984’s Supergirl, as well as the comedies Ruthless People and City Slickers

From IMDBWhen F.B.I. Agent Zack Grant’s partner is killed during a blown-up operation, he attempts to find the person responsible. Mafioso Frank Serlano believes Zack is responsible for his only sons death in the same operation and kidnaps Zacks son to hold as bait. The action gets wild when airline stewardess Mary is taken hostage to add what seems an another insurmountable problem for Zack. There appears to be No Way Out.

Forgive the quality of the trailer:

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