Exit Pitt, Hello Crowe – State of Play

On this date in 2009, the movie State of Play – based on the successful BBC mini-television series – was released in the United States to mostly positive reviews.

The movie starred Russell Crowe, who replaced Brad Pitt when Pitt bowed out for a wide number of reasons, including script issues I love the final line in the JustJared article: Who could possibly fill the shoes of Brad Pitt?? {Bold is theirs}. After laughing off my behind let us continue.

The film also starred: Oscar winner Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright Penn, Jason Bateman, Jeff Daniels and Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren, and went on to earn a little over $37 million domestically, ending in a total box office of roughly $87.8 million (the budget was an approximate $60 million).  

It is described as:

“…a 2009 British-French-American political thriller film. It is an adaptation of the six-part British television serial of the same name which first aired on BBC One in 2003. The plot of the six-hour serial was condensed to fit a two-hour film format, with the location changed to Washington, D.C.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_Play_(film)


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