It took me 16 years to remember this?

Funny how something suddenly hits you when you’re sorting thru stuff. Such is the case a few minutes ago when considering the release of Proof of Life 16 years ago. Call me the mistress of minor trivia:

  • Meg Ryan was married to Dennis Quaid, who was a big star back in the Eighties, and is credited with movies such as Breaking Away, Wyatt Earp, Innerspace, Enemy Mine and The Big Easy.
  • Quaid played one of the Mercury 7 astronauts in The Right Stuff: Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, whose catchphrase was “Who’s the greatest pilot you ever saw? You’re looking at him.”
  • Pamela Reed played Meg Ryan’s sister-in-law (?) in Proof of Life.
  • Pamela Reed played Dennis Quaid’s long-suffering Air Force wife, Trudy, in The Right Stuff.

2 thoughts on “It took me 16 years to remember this?

  1. I first heard about Meg Ryan when I was a sophomore at Southwest Texas State in San Marcos. The buzz around campus was that a film was being made and that the library at the time, a tall 10 story building with trapezoidal shaped windows, was being “converted” into a “dormitory” for the character that Meg was playing for the remake of “DOA.” Buzz also heard around campus was that she was a real diva. I also remember driving around Austin with my then-bf and we got rerouted out of downtown Austin because, again, “DOA” was filming a street scene on 6th street. The windows show up briefly in DOA.

    1. LOL I never did see “DOA.” Has a lot to do with my aversion for movie remakes (if it aint’ broke, don’t fix it), so I don’t know if it was as good as the original or not. But I understand about you getting rerouted. Downtown in my hometown got rerouted a lot back in…was it 1997, 1998, when Michael Mann was directing some little flick called “The Insider,” with some guy named Al Pacino and some other guy named Russell Crowe. The funniest moment looking back is that they installed a phone booth (remember those? ROFL) for Crowe to use in a phone call. That phone booth never existed. Once the scene was filmed, they yanked the fake booth back up again! Oh I saw the top of Crowe’s head, but I didn’t know who he was cause I wasn’t a fan then. And my sisters and then brother-in-law saw Al Pacino. Good times.

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