New Stories in the Archives

Well, it has been a long time in coming, but Ive finally uploaded some more stories into our Archives, stories that Id had earmarked for some time to bring back to the fold, but Life has been interesting here in my household for some time and Ive just now gained breathing room to tackle the stuff that got shoved to the bottom of the list.

In the Archives, under these Featured Authors:

     Athena – Escape to Coffs Harbor (Hando)  

     Erin – HMS Reprise: The Far Side of Reality (Jack Aubrey crossover)

     Ilaria – Massimo, Parts One & Two (Original Character for Crowe’s Point)

     Irene – 65th Parallel (John Biebe)

     Jennifer – And We Danced (Andy)

Would also like to welcome newcomers to Gaslight, as well as those who remember us in its earliest days. I think it can be safely said that Gaslight is the oldest RC fan fiction site still active. Thank you for visiting! If you read a story or come across something thats posted on this site that really moves you or that you enjoy, please please PLEASE let us know either in the comments section of our posts or by email. This has the wonderful effect of spurring on the writer and the desire to produce more!

~ your webmistress, Sharon


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