Still Dead, Huh? On This Date…

Ok, so Virtuosity wasn’t the best showcase for two very talented and interesting actors, but anyone who watches Washington and Crowe interact with each other should not be able to miss the fun those two were having playing the part of Good Cop and Bad Nanobot…particularly since the Bad Guy was a particularly nasty sort of AI. An interesting sci-fi set up played High Camp doesn’t quite make it as a movie that a lot of people want to visit again and again, but it is certainly not because of the actors. Denzel, an actor who had already garnered a swoon-worthy reputation, plays against a young upstart Aussie whose role only gave hints of a scintillating future.  Both took the haphazard story and played it to the hilt, in spite of the careless science fiction and lackluster script. One thing was certain when you got to the end: you weren’t likely to forget SID 6.7 (as one critique on IMDb pointed out, a rounded up version of 6.66) or Parker’s desperation to end the reign of terror.

Of course you wouldn’t, SID would say…and if you do, all the more reason to remind you, in ways that you probably won’t like. In fact, SID will guarantee it. 

Do you doubt me? This is No Swan Dive.

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