If you visited our site and found that things were a bit of a jumble, thats because WordPress pulled a fast one on the Site Administrator (i.e. me) and rearranged things without warning. So I had to choose a different template…which took some time and reconfiguring. However, everything is back in place and looking a bit spiffier than before, I hope.


We’ve been a bit slow in content this last month or so. Thats because for Tina, Taffey, Joan and I, October was a hellishly busy month (lots of traveling and family matters). November, though, provides a lot to talk about (eight movies!) so we’ll be playing catch up, for sure. In the meantime, a new chapter (11) has been added to Ashokan Falls (Sharon) and a new story begun under the folder “Sylloge” (Triptych) – both in The Tavern section of the site.


I know this seems like blatant and gratuitous self-promotion, but it will actually culminate in a partnership story with Tina. This is something we’ve been talking with each other about for a long time and we’ve finally been able to coordinate our ideas into what we hope will be an interesting story. I mention those stories together because a new character has been introduced (Ashokan Falls 11) and there’s a certain level of disquiet where she’s concerned.


Tina hopes to have the next chapter of Sylloge ready soon.

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