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One of the things I’m having fun is going through the archives of “old” stories that were on the original Gaslight site, particularly those that feature “life at the Point,” because the creativity and love that was poured into the stories. The place where our characters play becomes a Shangrila, a “Rivendell” of sorts, on the edge of time and space where anything can happen, and the ladies who wrote them were real and sweet and funny and adventurous and human. It shows through their writing. But there are only so many I can post at a time, so it becomes a little difficult figuring out what to set up next. I think you’ll like my next few choices. 

So, I present to you:

Cena – by Irene (Maximus)

A Summer Night’s Story – by Ilaria (Maximus)

World In My Eyes – by Laura (Maximus) Crowe’s Point *

Change in Horizons – by Roberta (Cort)

I have also begun the process of fine-tuning the navigational links on the site, particularly those involving drop-down menus. Setting up these links also takes a bit of time to make sure theyre in the correct place and connection, so it will be an on-going process. I hope to have a good portion of it done by the end of this week. 

~ your webmistress, Sharon

Note: this particular story is rather lengthy, so I am breaking it up into installments. 

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