Escape To Coffs Harbor

By Athena


Hando thudded into the rear seat of the bus. Puffing on a cigarette, he ignored the protests of his fellow passengers. Melbourne to Coffs Harbour, too fucking long to go without a ciggy! The driver took one look at him and shrank back into his cab.

The light was fading as the bus pulled out of the terminus and the twinkling of the street lights added to the anticipation Hando already felt.

He dumped his haversack on the empty seat next to him. He’d make sure no one bothered him. The journey would take a few hours and he wanted to be left alone.

Just a week or so on the run. That should do it! He needed a quiet little seaside town where no one knew him. Coffs Harbour would do nicely!

Shaking his head, he smiled to himself. “Fancy Magoo shagging the secretary at the cop shop?” He wouldn’t have known otherwise, and he’d have been inside quicker than you could say Jack Flash. As it was, the girl had tipped Magoo the wink, and the plot was hatched. Hando would get out of the way whilst the gang framed Degsey for the beating. They owed Degsey a ‘favour’, and it was payback time.

Hando had a nagging feeling that the gang would stuff up without him. Only for Magoo taking temporary leadership, Hando would never have bolted. There was a lot stacked against him and this last crime could have put him away for life.

Drawing a deep breath, he contemplated his future. He’d never lived away from the city; only seen the seaside once when he was a kid and couldn’t imagine living there. He eyed a cute blonde half way up the bus and wondered if he could get himself a quick root on the back seat. The blonde smiled at him but then he noticed the bloke next to her tugging her arm. Hando threw her a seductive grin before settling down for a kip.

The hum of the engine soon had him fast asleep. He dozed on and off until the bus reached Coffs Harbour.

Dawn was breaking as the bus pulled into the station. The sleepy passengers alighted, and when the coast was clear, Hando grabbed his gear and got off. Reaching into his pocket he snagged the address Magoo had given him. Magoo’s mate and his wife were going put him up for a few days. He found the enquiry desk and bought a ticket for Emerald Beach.

It was an hour before departure, so he grabbed some breakfast and looked around the pleasant town. It was too early for anything to be happening, but he noticed the Serviceman’s club and decided it would be good for a couple of pints; that and the Coffs Harbour hotel.

Breathing heavily, he ran for the bus and only just made it. It took about thirty minutes to reach Emerald Beach. The place sure was different to the City. The wide roads were uncommonly quiet and there were tall trees everywhere. The fresh air almost choked him. It was all a bit too healthy for Hando’s liking.

The driver called his stop and pointed him in the direction of the address. It was easy to find and Hando rapped loudly on the door of the small bungalow. A young woman appeared behind a chain. He could see two small kids hanging onto her legs. As he went to speak, she interrupted him.

“I know who you are and why you’re here, but you’re not welcome! I don’t care what Danny says, I’ve got kids and I’m not having a lout like you in my house. Now, get lost before I call the cops!” She was trembling as she spoke.

Hando reeled back in anger, breathing obscenities at this slut who dared rebuff him. She slammed the door hard leaving him standing on the pathway. The neighbours had heard the shouting and peered out from behind their curtains.

“Fuck it! Fuck the lot of you!” he said, waving his fist. He meant to head back to the road, but something drew him in the opposite direction… towards the beach. The sun was rising. The breeze was cool, and he could hear the sound of the sea. No noise, no gooks, all green and detached. Grasping his bag, he headed the short distance to the beach. Standing on the small cliff, he watched the early morning surfers ride the high waves. The sun glinted off their white surfboards that crashed against the emerald coloured sea.

A way down the beach, he noticed a small film crew who had set up near the rocks. He’d not expected that and curiosity got the better of him as he moved in to get a closer look. As he watched the scene, he heard raised voices and swearing. Intrigued, he pounded along the low cliff to get himself a better view. A man had collapsed and was lying face down in the sand. The tide was coming in rapidly. The cameraman shouted abuse at the man, “You bloody, low life, drunk. Brent ‘fucking’ Tyler, I’m pissed off with you fucking us up!”

The woman director rose from her chair and shook her head saying, “That’s it for today. Thank you everyone, let’s get him home.”

The small group came together. Hando could see them talking and shaking their heads. Eventually they packed up their gear and left the man where he was. The waves were only feet from his body. That just left the woman director and another woman with a clipboard. The second woman had red hair and reminded him of a squirrel as she bustled about trying to find someone to help.

The two women stood over the slumped body. “We’ll have to get him back,” Squirrel whined. “It’s gonna be a scorcher, and if the sun doesn’t get him, the tide will!”

“I am tempted,” the other woman spoke, raising her eyes to the sky. As she did, she spotted Hando on the cliff, looking down on them. She jumped slightly at seeing him, her mind doing a double take. Dressed relatively normally, he still presented an intimidating picture. The woman hesitated for a moment, looked round, but the beach was deserted. It was the ominous skinhead – or nobody.

“Oi, you, you up there?” she shouted.

“Me?” Hando replied, pointing his finger at his chest.

“Yes, you! Can you lend a hand here? Our mate’s not feeling so good. Could you give us a hand to get him in the car?”
Hando shrugged his shoulders as he turned to walk away. He was pissed off and not in the mood to do anyone a good turn.

The girls saw their last hope fading and Squirrel shouted, “We’ll pay you!”

Stopping abruptly, he spun round and stared at them. “How much?” he snapped.

“We’ll pay you $20 if you get him in the car.”

“Make it fifty and I’ll do it.”

“That’s extortion!”

“That’s right luv, take it or leave it!”

“O.K., O.K. fifty it is.”

Hando dropped his bag and bounded down onto the beach. The girls offered to take a leg a piece, but Hando stripped his jacket off, threw the bloke over his shoulder and strode determinedly towards the car. The climb was steep and he was sweating hard when he reached the top.

Breathing heavily, he threw the man unceremoniously in the back of one of the cars.

The dark haired woman handed the money over and introduced herself. “Thanks mate, I’m Tamzin Brown. I’m directing a small movie, well trying to. This is Amy, my assistant. Her face furrowed into a frown, “that was extortionate you know!”

Hando laughed, “Well that’s me luv, now if you’re going back to town, you can give me a ride!” With that, he jumped in the front seat as Amy sat down beside him.

Both women had got a shock when his jacket came off and a knowing glance had passed between them. They dealt with film stars all the while, but this guy was the full Monty. His presence could be felt at a distance and he had more appeal and sexuality than all the film stars put together.

Still breathing heavily, Hando took a long drag on a ciggy. “OK Squirrel, let’s get the fuck out of here, all the fresh air is killing me!”

“My name’s Amy, not Squirrel. I don’t think I like that!”

“OK, Squirrel!” he laughed as he studied her cute face. She was all freckles, and quirky glasses, topped off with a mane of reddy blonde hair. Her eyes were deep blue and her fluttering lashes were giving him goosebumps. She was fucking gorgeous and she was getting to him.

Amy was a talker. She explained how Brent was screwing their low budget movie, and how the crew were on the verge of walking out. The movie was practically in the can. They only had a few more scenes to film, if they could just get Brent sober for long enough. “We rehearse everything with a stand in, and then just wheel him in to speak his lines. He’s one useless fucker. Oh, sorry about my language, don’t mean to swear but that man would try the patience of a saint!”

Hando looked at her. Soft cow; apologising for swearing. He didn’t even bother to reply, just threw her a facetious glance.

Amy sighed heavily as she headed towards Pacific Highway. She chattered all the way back to town. This handsome, brooding skinhead was quite different to the blokes she normally met. There was something dangerous about him and she knew she’d have to see him again. She had an idea that Tamzin fancied him too and pulled a face at the thought of that. Amy pulled up inside a Motel courtyard. She fumbled for in Brent’s keys in his pocket and opened his door. Looking at the collapsed heap in the back of the car, she scratched her head as she wondered how she was going to get him inside. Tamzin had an appointment in Woolgoogla and wouldn’t be back for ages.

Hando stepped out of the car and hovered while Amy tried to pull Brent off the back seat. She made direct eye contact with him as she struggled to drag the limp body out of the car.

“I can’t pay you any more, but Jesus Christ, you could give me a fucking hand? It wouldn’t kill you! Shit, I’m swearing again!”

Hando snorted but relented. He grabbed Brent under the armpits and dragged him into the room. Wiping his hands, he went to walk off when Amy shouted him.

“Thanks mate. Hey, what’s your name?”

“What’s it to you?” the reply came, cocky as ever.

Amy smiled. “Well, you know my name.”

“Yes, Squirrel, I do. My name’s Hando! See you around.”

Amy sighed. He was just going to go off. She couldn’t let that happen. She had to see him again.

“We’re filming in the Serviceman’s club tomorrow. Come over if you like, you could earn a few dollars.” Running after him, she shoved a card in his hand. “This’ll get you in.”

“Not my thing, luv.”

With that, she moved towards him and traced her finger along the words tattooed on his throat. “Don’t know what you’re missing then, do you?” her face blushing madly. In a flash, she was gone and the motel door shut behind her. Hando felt his neck tingle where her fingertips had touched him. He headed for Reception to get himself a good deal from the wimp behind the counter. Laughing, he walked away. It was so easy to intimidate people into seeing things his way and he’d decided to stay at the Motel. He figured they’d all be staying there and he figured he’d have some fun.

Settled in and laying on the bed, he watched Squirrel walk past his window. A car pulled up outside. As he peered through the net curtains, he could see her talking to Tamzin. The conversation was very animated and full of giggles. He just knew they were talking about him. When he looked again, they’d both gone.

He needed dosh and he needed transport, but he had to stay out of trouble.

He’d noticed a motorbike for sale a few blocks away. Didn’t see a price, but that wouldn’t stop him getting it. Arriving at the address, it was still in the front yard. It looked old and tatty, but would do. Hando knocked on the door. A plump, middle-aged woman answered.

“The bike, how much d’ya want?” Hando barked, noticing it was a BSA and not one of those gook shits.

The woman hesitated. “It’s not worth much. It was my fella’s, but he’s gone now and I just want rid of it.”

It was worth at least $500 dollars, so Hando offered $200.

The woman frowned. His steely gaze made her feel very uncomfortable.

“I’ll give you $200, take it or leave it.”

The woman wanted rid of the bike. She also wanted rid of the dangerous-looking skinhead in her front yard. Finally, she nodded.

Within minutes, Hando was on his way. Deciding to explore, he hit Pacific Highway and headed towards Emerald and Moonie beaches. Weaving in and out of the traffic was exhilarating. Seeing a small sign, he turned down the dirt road towards Moonie Beach. Riding through dense forest, he eventually reached the cliff-edged cove. The warm sun bathed his face as the fresh breeze cooled his skin. No noise, no hassle, just fresh air, beauty and the smell of bar-b-ques cooking.

The roar of his bike disturbed the tranquillity. People scowled at him, it made him feel at home. Even without his Greatcoat and jackboots, he was a powerful sight in a leather jacket, and no one was going to argue with him.

The smell of the cooking was making him hungry and the evening was beginning to draw in. The day had passed quickly. Making his way back to the Motel, he parked the bike and picked up some fish and chips. He needed a beer to go with them and headed for the Coffs Harbour Hotel just up the road from the Motel. The Serviceman’s Club was literally over the road. The large white building was an impressive sight, with its lush bowling green round the back.

The pub was larger than it looked. Hando made his way through several bars until he reached the back. The last bar hosted a small stage and patio doors that opened onto a dimly lit courtyard. Settling in a darkened corner of the courtyard, Hando was almost invisible as the film crew ensconced themselves next to the stage. They sat with papers and clipboards, must have been discussing the next day’s shoot. He could hear a lot of swearing and could see Tamzin was trying to calm the situation.

“We’re almost there guys, we can’t throw it all away, not cos of that idiot Brent. Stay with me, eh? Come on… please?”

The cameraman muttered that they should have left him to fry on the beach, and the only way they’d finish the shoot was if Brent was kept locked in his room.

Eventually, the group split. Tamzin and Amy relaxed with their drinks. They made a striking pair. Squirrel all hot, red and freckly, and Tamzin, darkly attractive, looked like some schoolteacher type. He’d have rooted either of them, but given the choice, he fancied Squirrel.

His beer was dead. He walked nonchalantly passed the two girls, without even acknowledging them. He felt a prickle of excitement as he brushed past.

Before they could say anything, he was in the next room buying his pint.

The girls stared at each other whispering, “May the best girl win!”

Hando knew exactly what was going on as he swept past them and took up his spot in the corner of the dark yard. As he sat down, he caught them raising their glasses and waving to him.

He tipped his head, that was all they were going to get…for now. Watching them leave, he knew they were hooked and he knew he was going to turn up at the Club in the morning. He needed the money, but he needed the sport and the adulation even more.

Amy hung around outside her room hoping he’d follow. Sure enough, he did. As he approached along the darkened chalet line, her body tingled with excitement as she pretended to be looking for something in her car.

The air was electric. The evening, warm and still. As Hando approached Amy, he stopped to look at her. He said nothing, just stared hard before he unlocked the door to his room.

Amy felt a wave of disappointment as the door shut. She was sure he fancied her, but pride wouldn’t allow her to knock on his door. She’d drowned her sorrows in Baileys and ice and would regret it in the morning.

Day broke and the crew set up in the Conference Suite at the Club. It was a large room with a full stage at the top end, and a bar to the side. Hando acted like he owned the place as he arrived on set and made his way towards them. Tamzin described the take they were rehearsing; a love scene at a dance. A rock group was on stage and everything was in place as Hando took it all in. He couldn’t see Brent, but that was because Brent had collapsed in the toilets.

Thankfully, they were only in rehearsals and the crew were living in hope that the Brent would sober up in time for the shoot.

Amy and Tamzin clocked Hando walking in. Amy rushed to greet him. She was so pleased to see him again. The day was certainly brightening up. Tamzin had sorted a list of jobs for him, but he wasn’t lifting a finger until they agreed the money. This working for a living was a novel experience and not one he was used to. He’d be glad to get back to normal when he went home.

“What’ll ya pay me?”

Tamzin eyed him up and down. He was about the same height as Brent, same build, he could do the run through shots, get the lighting right, she thought to herself.

“Ever acted, Hando?”

“Fuck off, acting’s for ponces, I’m no ponce.”

“Well, you could be for $200 dollars a day, couldn’t you?”

It was not to be sneezed at. He told them he’d think about it as he effortlessly moved equipment and scenery like it weighed nothing.

Everything seemed to be going well as they built up to the big scene on the dance floor. There was a pretty little blonde in the leading lady role and the script called for Brent to push his way through the dance floor, push her partner aside, take her in his arms and kiss her passionately.

Tamzin wanted to see this sexy guy in action. “Care for a walk on part, Hando? Just a run through to check lights and camera? You’ve had long enough to think about it.”

Hando agreed but made out he was doing her a huge favour. He eyed the unsuspecting actress in her cute dance frock.

“You OK to do a run through with Hando, Jen?”

Jen looked hesitant until Hando flashed the sexiest smile she had ever seen. “Er ok, Tam, suppose so!”

The lights dimmed, the music played. Hando refused the costume as he stripped down to his t-shirt, braces and white pants. He listened closely as Tamzin directed the scene.

“Come through the dancing couples, well, imagine they are there, they will be later. Focus on Jen, don’t look at the camera, and move in a predatory manner. As you get to her, shove Dennis aside, take her in your arms and kiss her! You don’t have to kiss her, just go through the motions for me.”

Hando cracked a slow smile and planned his moves.

Tamzin called “Action.”

Starting from his mark, Hando strode across the dance floor towards Jen. He wasn’t acting, didn’t attempt to, didn’t have to. He moved with power, grace and complete confidence. The lights dimmed seductively as he reached her.

Jen acted surprised to see him. Her mouth fell open as Hando swept Dennis aside with a single movement. Not a word was spoken. The supremacy of this man was overwhelming. You could have heard a pin drop as he stood in front of the small actress and ran his fingertips up and down her bare arms. Licking his lips as he tipped his head, he stroked her cheek softly before grabbing her chin roughly and bringing her face up to his.

The room had ground to a halt as everyone watched the sexiest scene any of them had ever seen; except no one was acting, least of all Hando.

Pulling Jen close, Hando licked her cheek. She squealed with unexpected delight as her fingertips caressed her neck. Mischievously, he brushed his lips lightly against hers, worrying her mouth, tasting her with his tongue.

Jen had lost it. Hando had to grab her by the waist to stop her body from crumbling. He teased and licked her in a display of raw sensuality. Hands in her hair, stroking her arms, his broad tongue licking her shoulder and tasting her lips, until eventually he pulled back and planted a slow sensuous kiss on her lips. Grabbing her tongue with his lips, he purposely stroked his own round it. His mouth was wide open as he kissed her deeply.

Tamzin and Amy were speechless. Tam should have shouted ‘cut’, but she could not take her eyes off this deeply erotic display. She went to speak. No words formed.

Jen responded like she’d known him all her life. No one had ever kissed her like that. She was wet and trembling in seconds as Hando continued to kiss and lick her. By now, he was whispering suggestions in her ear, although no one else could hear them. He was dry fucking her in the middle of the set, and everyone was captivated watching him.

“Cut!” shouted Tam, “cut!”

Hando continued his onslaught, his kisses now bruising, rough and urgent. His white pants did nothing to hide his throbbing bulge, and for a moment, Tam wondered if he was actually going to fuck Jen on the floor.

Marching up to them, she pulled them apart. “I said, ‘cut'”.

Hando pulled back breathing heavily, he adjusted his groin and licked his lips. There was no hiding the wide smirk on his face. Jen looked like she was going to faint as she collected herself and wobbled to her seat.

“Hmmm, it was only a walk on part,” Tam coughed. “That’s it for now, thanks. We’ll come back later and see if Brent has recovered.” She was excited herself, and Amy had disappeared into the ladies. Neither of them had seen anything like it before and later that day, they watched the rushes. They replayed the scene over and over. Their eyes were glued to the screen. The bait was planted, the trap laid. They were in now Hando’s realm, and he knew it.

Hando acted like nothing had happened. He was fully aware of his sexual potency. He was used to displaying his physical power in public, but up to now, he’d never displayed his sexual prowess in public. In the absence of his much-loved violence, it filled a need. It made him all-powerful. He was in control and that’s how it had to be.

As he left the club, a seedy little bloke followed him out. “Hey, big guy?” he called after him.

Hando spun round, offended at this unwarranted interruption. “What?” he snarled.

“I saw what happened on the set. You got talent ‘mate’. I could fix you up, you could earn big bucks and fuck anything you like!”

Hando’s face twisted in anger as he realised what was being suggested. Without warning, he grabbed the man by the throat and pinned him against the wall. “You talking porn movies? You fucking little prick!” Striking him hard across the face, the man hit the floor as he wiped his mouth and looked confused.

“No need to be like that mate! Just thought you were a natural!”

His voice barely a whisper, Hando spoke, his voice metered, “I am not your fucking mate.” His tone left no room for argument and before the man could reply, Hando struck. A swift kick and a hardened stare was all it took to shut him up. He got the picture and wouldn’t be bothering Hando again. Hando didn’t know whether to feel flattered or pissed as he left the crumpled heap on the floor.

Amy was looking out of the window when Hando stormed into the Motel courtyard. He was muttering to himself, and looked angry. She went out to speak to him, but he was already on his bike and heading for the highway. Amy couldn’t get the kiss out of her mind; neither could Tamzin, so they struck a bargain. He couldn’t refuse the two of them. No bloke refused a threesome. They’d get themselves a few drinks and call on him later.

By midnight they were feeling no pain. Staggering back from the pub, they saw the bike was back and his light was on. Giggling loudly, and with plenty of courage from the night’s drinking, they knocked on Hando’s door.

The door opened slowly. Hando was a vision in his tight white underpants and tattooed body. In the half-light he looked sexier than they could ever have imagined. “Ladies”, he spoke half mockingly, “no guesses what you want?”

“Wanna fuck, big guy?” Tamzin giggled, waving a bottle round.

“Both of you?” he smirked.

Amy backed off slightly as if she was unsure. Before she could reply, Hando had grabbed her by the arm and had them both on the bed.

His foot reached out and kicked the door shut.


“Better get your kit off,” Hando smirked, turning from one to the other, undressing them in turn. He saw the hesitation in Amy’s eyes, so he gave her more attention. Tamzin was quickly naked and egging him on. Amy was breathing hard as she skilfully avoided his kisses. Suddenly, she leapt to her feet, grabbed her clothes and headed for the door.

“Sorry Hando, but if I’m gonna fuck you, I want you to myself! Have a good time… you will!” In a second, she was gone.

The door slammed behind her. Hando wanted to go after her. He’d only agreed to this because she was part of the package. Tamzin wasn’t his type, but he was rock hard and any port in a storm.

Hando glanced wistfully at the door and thought, “What the fuck!”

“Aw, she always backs out at the last minute, soft little prude…” Staring at Hando, Tamzin spoke lustily. “I just wanna good fuck, don’t want no boyfriends or relationships, just a good fuck till I’m too sore to stand.”

Hando let out a single laugh as he dipped his fingers between her legs. She was wet and ready as he flipped her over and thrust into her from behind. It was one brutal fuck and she loved every minute of it. Like a man possessed, he rammed home, bruising her body with his hands as he grabbed hold of her; building to an impossible climax that had her collapsing beneath him. He drove into her, feeling her spasm around him as she screamed his name before they both slumped in a heap on the bed.

Panting and wide eyed, Hando asked, “Can you stand?”

“Think so!”

“Well, we’re not done yet, are we?” as he pulled her head towards his half erect cock. “Better get sucking luv, if you want your wish!”

Tamzin obeyed, and by morning, she’d been fucked hard in every way she could think of. Waking up dazed, she admired Hando’s sleeping body. She loved tattoos, but even without them, he was a work of art. Tamzin winced as she traced her fingers over the bite marks she’d left. Her body ached from head to toe as she lurched towards the tap and some badly needed water.

Tam could barely stand, but looking at his face, she knew she had to have one last fling with him. “Hando, wake up mate. I gotta go soon and –”

Hando opened a bleary eye. He’d drunk a fair bit himself and his cock was aching and sore along with the rest of him. “What, fucking hell, let me kip woman! Didn’t you get enough last night? Pass me a ciggy and get some milk from the fridge.”

Tam padded naked towards the bed. Pack of fags in one hand, bottle of milk in the other. She passed the milk over.
“Light me a ciggy,” Hando croaked as he glugged down the milk. Small droplets trickled down his painted chest. Tam leaned forward to pass his ciggy and couldn’t resist licking the droplets as they fell. Hando stared at her in disbelief. “You gotta be kidding. How many times did we do it last night, four, five, six? I lost fucking count!”

“Just once more… please?” Tam begged.

Hando looked at his wilting, red cock as she gently eased him into her hot little mouth. “Fuck,” he murmured as he lay back half-wincing, half in ecstasy.

“I’ll be gentle honey, I promise.”

Hando remembered last night. This woman didn’t know the meaning of gentle.

He felt himself become rock hard under her ministrations. She was good, fucking good. His strength depleted, he lay back and watched her mount him. The pair of them looked like they’d been in a fight; both bodies covered in red bite marks and bruises. Hando just went with it to start with, but as his strength returned, he flipped her on her back and took control. Considering he didn’t fancy her, she was one good fuck. This would be their last fuck, and he wanted her to remember it as he pounded into her, stroking her to orgasm. “Come on Tam, one last big one, eh?”

Tam shuddered to a halt as he exploded inside her and collapsed on top of her heaving breasts. Withdrawing very slowly, he acknowledged both their pain as he slumped back on the bed. “I’ll never fuck again!” he groaned. “Well, it feels like it right now. Fuck off, luv. No offence but another half hour and I’ll be dead. Thanks for a good night!” He was looking towards the window and thinking about Amy. Tamzin was already a memory.

Tam gave him a last kiss; pulled her coat gently around her naked body. Walking was more than uncomfortable as she wiggled out of the chalet. She knew that was the one and only time she would ever fuck him. He knew it too, as he watched her go, smiling to himself. There had been no intimacy, no emotion, just hard, rooting, satisfying sex. They both got what they wanted.

Amy had spent a restless night. She kept imagining the two of them together as she buried her head under the pillow. By morning, she’d made up her mind. She wanted nothing more to do with him. She’d never encountered such strong feelings and knew it wasn’t healthy.

Amy’s chalet was a few doors down from Hando’s. She saw Tamzin walking past the window and her imagination ran riot. She knew what Tam was like and she knew Hando would have had a blast. In her heart of hearts, Amy knew she couldn’t compete with that. She was a different person, too shy for the likes of Hando. Amy wished she’d never agreed to the stupid threesome, in fact she wished she’d never set eyes on the compelling skinhead. More than anything, she wished it had been just her in bed with him last night.

Amy made her way to Reception to collect her breakfast and practically bumped into Hando coming out of his chalet.

“Squirrel”, he croaked, you missed a good night last night!” His voice sounded hoarse.

“So it seems,” Amy shrugged as she ignored him; anger and frustration welling deep inside her. “I couldn’t care less. Do what the fucking hell you like!”

Hando stared hard. No one spoke to him like that, least of all a timid little redhead. He almost raised his hand, but she’d already scurried back to her room. “Fuck! Please yourself, you stupid little cow!” And with that, he stormed off on his bike. As he thumped into the seat, he remembered his red raw cock and let out a yell.

Amy watched him go. Tears of frustration ran down her cheeks as she hurled her breakfast after him. Each time she saw him she fancied him more. He looked dead rough after a night’s rooting, but somehow it made him more appealing

“Fuck off, you stupid, brainless skinhead!” she shouted after him. Lucky for her, Hando didn’t hear her as he thundered out onto the road.

It was Sunday and everyone had the day off, including Hando. He needed mates and had a few addresses to check out. They were contacts from years ago and he hoped they’d still be around as he set off to look for them.

Amy went back to her chalet. A rap came on the door. She jumped at the sound and opened the door to find Tamzin leaning heavily against the wall. Amy suffered silently as she listened to graphic tales of the previous night. “Dunno what you missed girl… he’s hung like a fucking horse! I’ve got to get some sleep, see you in the pub tonight.” She hugged her mate and spoke softly, “You really ought to learn to loosen up and live a little. Men like him come along once in blue moon, and you don’t say no, honey!”

Amy nodded silently. She knew she was right.

Leafing through the newspaper, Amy saw an ad for a local rugby match that afternoon. She decided it would be good diversion. Tapping lightly on Tam’s door, she spoke quietly, “I’ll be at the rugby if anyone wants me.” A grunt came in reply.

It was a pleasant drive through farmland and rainforest to footy ground. When she arrived, the kids were playing on the field like they always did and a small crowd had gathered for the start of the match. It was a family day and people sat in groups, with drinks, burgers and babies in tow. Amy found herself a quiet corner and settled in on the end of a bench. She loved footy and cheered loudly for her team. It was also no hardship to watch a bunch of strapping men at play.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a man walking towards her, and before she knew it, he’d sat down next to her.

“I’m late, has it been a good game? Sorry, where are my manners? Mind if I join you?” he asked.

Surprised, she turned to look at him. He looked out of place with his smart jacket and well-groomed, brown hair. He cheered his team on. It was obvious he loved his footy.

“No, not at all. It’ll be good to have some company. It’s been a great game. I’m enjoying it.”

Turning towards her, the man spoke. “I’m Steve, Steve Miles, good to meet you,” as he shook her hand.

“I’m Amy, good to meet you too!” She smiled.

“You waiting for someone?” Steve quizzed.

“Nope, all on my ownsome,” Amy sighed.

Steve smiled back at her. He was utterly charming; so different to Hando.

The two chatted, shared burgers and beer and watched the team win. It had been a pleasant day and Steve’s dinner invitation would round it off nicely. Amy was grateful to find something to take her mind of Hando and her desperate need to be with him.

Hando had no luck finding his old mates. He needed some ‘normal’ living and he wasn’t going to get it with the movie geeks. All avenues exhausted, he arrived back at the motel, his bike becoming noisier by the minute.

Tamzin’s peace was shattered by a thump on her door. “Where’s Squirrel?” Hando boomed.

Tamzin dragged her head from the pillow, her body too sore to move. ” Squirrel? Oh, you mean Amy. She’s gone the footy at Coramba. Now piss off and leave me in peace,” she grinned.

Hando roared up the highway looking out for signs to Coramba. Funny bird. They usually hated footy, but it wasn’t footy on his mind as he screeched to a halt at the edge of the field.

Amy wasn’t difficult to find. Her copper hair was a dead giveaway as he watched her gather her belongings in the distance. As he walked towards her, his heart was beating like a trip-hammer. He knew he was going to make up for last night.

Hando stopped dead in his tracks as a bloke helped her on with her jacket. His anger rose in seconds. The two were laughing and at ease with each other. They seemed very friendly as they headed in his direction. The bloke obviously had a few bob, but Hando wasn’t impressed.

Amy and Steve didn’t notice Hando until he was almost on top of them. Looming before them, he was a menacing sight.

“What the fuck’s this then, Squirrel? Who’s the ponce, eh?” His voice was uncommonly low and all more menacing for it.

Steve squared his shoulders and looked Hando in the eye. Steve was a big bloke, a little older than Hando, but more than a match. Moreover, he wasn’t afraid of the sinister skinhead.

“What’s it to you, mate?” his voice surprisingly friendly, in the circumstances.

“She’s got a prior appointment…. With me.”

Steve looked puzzled. He didn’t like the look of this bloke, not one bit. Still friendly, he spoke, “Sorry mate, we’ve got plans for dinner, if you’ll excuse us?”

“Not any more, you haven’t.”

Steve looked at Amy. “I thought you said you were on your own?”

“I am. I’m not going with him.”

“Yes, you are!” retorted Hando.

Hando’s head flew back as an evil grin flashed across his face. He laughed. The most evil, choking laugh Amy had ever heard. “She’s coming with me, mate!” Hando spoke menacingly. He could see Security heading towards them and he remembered his ‘low profile’. In an instant, he grabbed Amy’s hand and dragged her through the crowd. She tried to resist, but he was just too strong for her as she hurtled unwillingly behind him. Seeing the concern on Steve’s face, she shouted. “Don’t worry, he’s a mate, a bit mad, I’ll be OK. See you tonight.” Steve was in hot pursuit anyway, but Hando had the edge. Before she knew it, Amy was on the back of his bike and heading up the mountain.


Hando skidded onto the main road, brakes squealing as he took the winding path up the mountain. Amy gripped him tightly as they started the steep ascent. The smell of leather and the feel of his hard body set her senses tingling. Suddenly, she felt more alive and excited than she’d ever been in her life. Holding tight, she shut her eyes as Hando steered perilously close to the edge. Amy’s heart was hammering so hard she could barely breathe. Hando kept letting go of a handlebar and reaching behind to stroke her thigh. He felt her quiver and grinned.

The road wound steeply up the mountain. Looking down into the hollow, Amy could see the lush rain forest with its impossibly tall trees. There was no traffic, only the occasional lumber wagon. As they climbed higher, the road became narrower and the woods, thicker. Hando continued to ride at high speed, as he dangerously skirted the edge.

Eventually, he pulled into a small, wooded clearing. Evening was beginning to descend, but it was still warm and bright. Moving shafts of sunlight flickered brightly through the trees. They cast surreal shadows across the carpet of autumn leaves.

The bike crackled to a halt. Hando stabilised it and flipped around to face Amy. The noise died away, replaced by the trill chattering of colourful birds. The bushes fairly rustled with small signs of life, as a woody scent lingered in the air. Even the breeze seemed to have its own melody. It was the most beautiful of settings, cast in a shadowy half-light with its own sweet chorus.

Amy took his breath away. Her copper hair tumbled loosely over her shoulders as the flickering sunlight caught the natural blonde streaks when she moved. Her face was flushed and her freckles appeared pale green against her pink skin. For a moment, he simply stopped, stared, and enjoyed the view.

Amy caught her breath and began to protest. Hando’s hand covered her mouth, not forcefully, but enough to silence her. “Quiet now, I don’t want to hear a murmur, not unless it’s the sound of you screaming my name.”

Amy blinked hard at the audacity of this man. Tears of frustration trickled down her cheeks as she attempted to speak.

Hand still clamped on her mouth, Hando’s voice was low and sexy. “I’m not gonna hurt you and I’m not gonna make you do anything you don’t want to. Do you understand?”

A nod.

“You said you wanted to fuck me on my own. Well, Squirrel, you got your wish, cos that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.” There was a long pause as he inhaled deeply and scanned the area around him. “And ya know what? You’re gonna love every minute of it.”

Hando slid his hand past her chin and down her neck. Staring hard, he dared her to speak or scream.

Amy did nothing, just stared back at him, trembling with anticipation.

Hando’s hand continued down until he found her breast. Slipping under her sweatshirt, he deftly undid her bra and captured her full breast in the palm of his hand.

Amy stopped him abruptly. “Wait. Please?”

She climbed hesitantly off the bike. Amazingly, Hando did not try to stop her. But he did look irate as she stood before him with her flushed face and her clothes in disarray. She seemed smaller than he remembered.

After a long sigh, she spoke. “Look, I’m only nineteen. All the boyfriends I’ve had have been ‘normal’. They treated me well; with respect and love.” Her voice was shaking as she spoke. “I wouldn’t know how to be with someone like you, you see, I’m not that sophisticated. I’m not like Tam. She’d fuck anything. I’m not like that and I’m not right for you!”

She’d inflicted two insults in the space of a sentence.

“So, I’m not ‘normal’ eh? And Tam would fuck ‘anything’? Very nice, Squirrel. I could take offence at that. Cheeky little fucker!” he seethed.

“I’m going for a pee. Don’t follow me!” Amy muttered as she stomped off behind a large bush.”

“Take your knickers off while you’re there. It’ll save time,” Hando smirked.

Within minutes, she’d returned. There was nowhere to run and Hando was her only way down the mountain.

His face was genuinely mystified. “What makes you think I fuck different to anyone else?”

She thought carefully before she answered. “It’s just how you are, like some kind of predator who’d eat me alive. You scare me to death. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’d be like with someone like you!”

“But don’t I excite you too?”


Hando’s eyes rolled upwards. His patience was wearing thin as he moved slowly towards her.

Amy was leaning against a large tree as he stood in front of her, arms straight, palms flattened against the trunk. His head hovered above hers. She could feel his warm breath on her face and her body tingled at his closeness. She fought her instincts to bury her face in his broad chest. As she breathed in, his scent hit her senses. It was overpowering and her resolve was disappearing fast.

“Haven’t you wondered… what it’d be like with someone like me?” His voice seemed to stroke her ears, all low and sexy. She felt the bristle of his chin against her soft cheek. The world began to slip away as his mouth gently brushed hers. Her body was responding so violently, it hurt. Amy’s mouth opened involuntarily, his lips found hers as his rough tongue stroked her own. Reality had gone. And he’d only kissed her.

“Don’t you want the fuck of a lifetime? Don’t you want to come so hard you’ll remember it for as long as you live?”

By now, his hand had slipped inside her jeans and was rubbing her crotch over her lace panties. Hando deliberately avoided her bare skin, preferring to tease her unmercifully.

Amy’s body was on fire as she rocked back and forth against his hand. His tongue licked her neck as his other hand rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. All she could hear was her own breathing as she reached out to touch him. Hando let out the sexiest sigh when she stroked him.

He stopped, drew back, unzipped his jeans and pulled his hardened member into view. Watching Amy’s eyes widen, he began to pump himself slowly. Amy’s jeans were around her knees and her panties followed suit. One hand on his cock, the other on her sex. Circling, stroking as his fingers slipped in and out of her.

“Watch! Open your eyes and fucking watch me!” he ordered.

Amy blinked her eyes wide open as she watched him bring them both to near orgasm. She tried to kiss him. He wouldn’t let her as he pulled back and continued his onslaught. His eyes bulged. His lips appeared full red and swollen as he hand fucked both of them. He built steadily. This was sexier than all the full sex she’d ever had. It was unbelievable. Amy expected him to ram into her, but he continued to pump himself faster. Fighting the urge to scream she watched as he neared his climax. He was stroking her hard and fast, murmuring obscenities in her ear as his fingers slipped inside her and fucked hard. He made low grunting sounds as the tip of his cock disappeared at a furious rate inside his large fist. Suddenly, his head flew back and he let out a deep moan. His seed hit the air in spurts. As it did, he pressed firmly on her clitoris and felt her grip him hard as she came, wave after wave, she was screaming now.

“Watch!” he breathed.

Amy looked down. Her eyes filled with desire as she orgasmed, watching him climax at the same time.

He finally slowed to a halt, his breath hitching in his throat. Leaving his fingers inside her, his other hand pulled her sweatshirt off and snapped her bra open. Hando’s body slumped heavily against hers as he tried to recover. That was the best “non fuck” he’d ever had. Better than most of the fucks he’d had in his life. Better than last night with Tam. He couldn’t believe that! His free hand continued to draw at their clothing. Amy helped, awkwardly. Soon, they were both naked, Hando’s hand still gripping her, playing with her.

“You want the real thing now?” he asked huskily as he withdrew his dripping fingers and stroked her intimately.

Amy nodded.

“Suck me!”

Amy needed no second invitation as she dropped to her knees and took him slowly in her mouth.

She licked his length, his balls, teased him with her tongue and teeth until he finally spoke, “Enough!” Pulling her into a standing position he slid inside her in a single stroke. Amy cried out as he filled her, holding onto the tree, trying to stay upright as his hands grabbed her peaked breasts.

Hando set the rhythm for a long, languid fuck. As he pumped in and out, his movements were slow and hard. Grunting, breathing; swearing and mauling as he took her, over and over. It seemed to last forever as the breeze cooled their burning bodies. He was caught by surprise as his hot jets hit her womb. Amy stiffened and shook convulsively as she climaxed. The feeling shook her to her core as a small death washed over her body. Trembling, she slid to the ground, arms flailing, and incoherent.

Hando dropped down next to her and kissed her, slowly and sensuously, claiming her mouth in the final triumph. Her face appeared almost mask-like as she tried to return to normality.

Amy lay panting and shaking. Her body flushed in the after shock as she kissed him back, seeking the comfort and strength of his arms.

“So, I do fuck like everyone else, don’t I?” Hando smiled; he knew the response he’d get.

“You’ve gotta be kidding. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.”

As her senses returned she looked closely at his marked body. “I didn’t do that”, she murmured.

Hando grunted, “No, they’re not down to you.” He could see she was deep in thought. “What?” he asked?

“I bet I’m not a patch on Tam. I told you I wouldn’t be!”

“Listen, you got nothing to worry about. That was just about the best fuck I ever had.”

“Do you mean that?”

“I don’t tell lies, well I do, but not to you.”

Amy let out a sigh of relief. “It was the best for me too, the best ever,” she said as a wide grin spread across her fact. “That first part….” Then she blushed again, making him laugh.

“Well, you better remember it Squirrel. I go home tonight. My business is finished here. I’m going back to Melbourne.” He was lying, just when he said he wouldn’t. The coast wasn’t clear, but it would be in a few days. Davey had got a message to him.

He stood up and began to dress. It was just like nothing had happened. Amy could barely stand as she fumbled to get her clothes on and get on the bike.

With a look of dismay on her face, she questioned him. “Why do you have to go, couldn’t you stay, just for a few days?”

“I could, but I gotta go home. My mates need me. They can’t manage without me.”

Amy didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. It was then she realised she knew nothing about him, nothing at all.

In desperation, she tried again. “I’d like you to stay, please…?”

Hando looked away and shook his head. She’d got to him this Sheila. He really fancied her, and that was dangerous. It was time to move on.

“Is there nothing I can say?” Amy spoke, her voice barely a whisper.

Hando fought the instinct to ruffle her hair, “No. Better get going. It’s getting dark.”

Amy was in a daze as they rode through the twilight. It was almost impossible to see in the gloom, but Hando seemed to know where he was going as he weaved steadfastly down the mountain. Nana Glen twinkled with small lights from the houses and farms. Against the backdrop, it looked like something out of a fairy tale.

The cool air chilled Amy’s body. It was a welcome relief; something tangible in this unreal world she’d entered. The darkness enveloped them quickly as they neared the highway and headed for home.

Back at the motel, Hando pulled the bike up. Amy climbed off.

“Better get my gear and be on my way.” Hando spoke abruptly.

“Just like that?” Amy asked.

Hando shrugged. She was a good fuck and he liked her. Maybe he could give a little. “Come up to Melbourne sometime, you can call me at The Nags Head in Footscray. They’ll take a message. I’ll show you the sights… well, some of them. Most ain’t fit to be seen.”

“I will. I’ll come.” The reply came as she blocked his path. “I was wrong about you. I’m sorry. Is that why you’re leaving?”

Hando pulled her close for a last kiss, brushing the tears away from her eyes. “You weren’t wrong. I’m no good for you. Better if I go; you’ll soon forget me. I won’t remember you next week.” He was lying again, but sometimes you had to be cruel to be kind. “Just get my gear and I’ll be on my way.”

He seemed so indifferent, was he, or was it just an act? Amy stared hard at him, trying to work it out. His face gave nothing away.

“Tam in the pub?” Hando asked, changing the subject.


“Say bye for me.”

“I will. Did you mean it.. about me coming to Footscray?”

“Please yourself, if you want to.” His voice non-committal

“I want to.”


“See you Squirrel.”

“It’s Amy!”

A nod.

Hando tipped his head in a final acknowledgment as he climbed onto the bike. The engine roared to life as he rode a circle of the courtyard before hitting the highway. His spirit soared at the thought of her coming to Melbourne, but best not count on it. You could never count on Sheilas, only your mates.

In the courtyard, all that remained was the faint smell of petrol, the tingling of Amy’s body and an overwhelming feeling of loss.

The invitation was there. She would take him up on it… someday. Someday soon.