Summer In England

Author : Athena

Character: Bud White

Rating: R

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on the characters established and defined in the movie and book titled  LA Confidential.  It is strictly for entertainment purposes. Please do not copy, publish or alter this work in any way without the written permission of the author.
Copyright 2009  Athena


Dateline 1960

Love in London


Bud White tore across the tarmac like his life depended on it.  He’d heard the announcement telling him to make his way, urgently, to Gate 2 and he’d made it with only seconds to spare.  He was the final passenger to board the plane leaving for England.  The guys at the station had given him a big send off the night before and he’d overslept.  He was experiencing an unfamiliar sense of fragility.  His breath was short and he felt like crap as he pounded up the steps of the aircraft.


The Air Stewardess watched his large frame approach the aircraft.  She reckoned he was in his mid to late thirties; just under six foot tall with short, cropped chestnut hair and the body of a tank.  He was an impressive sight and he took her breath away as he entered the cabin.


“Mr Wendell White?” Asked the Air Stewardess.


“Yes”.” Bud breathed heavily as he handed over his ticket.


“Welcome aboard Mr White, allow me to show you to your seat.” She said her voice, urgent.


“Thanks.” He said, gruffly.


The seated passengers glared at him, knowing he had delayed their take off.  Bud ignored them.


Bud followed the stewardess to his assigned seat.   A young woman was already sitting by the window but he paid little attention to her.  He was too preoccupied with storing his hand luggage in the overhead locker and getting himself settled.


The stewardess made sure he was comfortable, checked his seat belt, and asked him if there was anything he needed.  She then proceeded with the safety demonstration.


Bud watched intently, memorizing the procedures for evacuation, fervently wishing he felt just a little better and that his head would stop spinning.


The captain’s voice boomed over the microphone.


“We will be making one stop over in New York to refuel, and then we commence our onward journey to Heathrow Airport in London, England, our final destination.  Please relax and enjoy your flight.”


The engines roared to life.  The noise was deafening.  Before Bud closed his eyes he became aware of the young woman next to him.  She was gripping the armrest tightly with one hand, whilst the other hand held a sick bag over her down turned face.


“Fuck.” thought Bud.  “That’s all I need.” A sickly broad on an eleven hour trip.” He was not in the most generous of moods.


As the plane lurched skyward, he seriously thought of grabbing a bag himself, but took a few deep breaths instead.  His ears popped and his stomach felt like it was ready to drop out.  He closed his eyes tightly and allowed his mind to wander back to the events of the last month.



One month earlier


The split from Lynn had hit Bud hard.  He’d moved out of her house and into a small apartment.  His job as a bouncer in a Rock and Roll Dance Palace had kept him occupied, but his nights were lonely and he felt empty inside.


He knew Exley had pensioned him off as ‘inactive’ and he supposed he might return to Los Angeles one of these days.  The two had kept in touch and when it came, Bud was not surprised to see a letter with Ed’s handwriting on the envelope.


Bud’s thick fingers slid open the envelope to reveal the letter inside:


“Meet me at the Formosa Bar, Saturday night. 20.30 hours.  I have a proposition for you.  Be there!”  Exley.


Bud was intrigued.  He read and re-read the letter hoping it would provide more clues, but obviously, it couldn’t.


The Manager of the Palace owed him a vacation and a quick phone call was all it took to secure the time off. As he began the drive to Los Angeles, for the first time in a long time, he began to feel alive.


As he arrived at the Formosa Bar, memories flooded back into his mind.  Quelling them, he took a deep breath and walked in to find Exley waiting for him in a booth.


Exley stood up to greet him, shaking his hand firmly.






Bud sat down opposite him.  He noticed Exley had already ordered the drinks and took a grateful sip of a large bourbon.


“Did you ever hear about the Lana Turner episode?” asked Exley.


Bud nodded and replied.  “Always the politician.  You don’t need to put me at my ease Exley.  Just tell my why you sent a cryptic letter and what you want with me?”


“Bud White. Still the same straight shooter.” Exley gave him an amused smile. “You don’t change, do you?”


“No.” Bud replied, his tone a little friendlier, trying to remember that Exley was a friend.


“You know I intend to become Police Commissioner, don’t you?”


Bud smiled his response. It was a well-known fact that Exley was extremely ambitious.


“Well, I have come up with a plan to get me there a little faster.  I want to start a foreign exchange program between the US and other countries.  The pilot program is ready to run and I need a detective to send to England.  Before you say anything, I’d like to explain.  Obviously I have any number of men I can send, but basically they fall into two categories, experienced and corrupt, or green and not corrupt.  Neither is suitable; but you would be.  I know I could rely on you not to let me down. This is too important to give to someone I can’t trust.”


As he realised what Exley was offering, Bud’s mouth fell open and his eyes widened in anticipation. He could barely comprehend the importance of the job he was being offered.  He had a thousand questions.


“Tell me more. I want all the details.” Bud quizzed.  He leaned forward, clasping his hands together, giving Exley his full attention.


“We would ‘reactivate’ your status to detective and bring you back from sick leave.  You would have to start work a week on Monday, get up to speed on new procedures and get back into the swing of things.  There are specific aims for this program and it will take a few weeks for you to understand exactly what I am trying to achieve.  You would leave for England in about a month and they would send one of their officers to replace you. We’re looking at a three-month run, but that’s negotiable. The plan is to have you spend six weeks in a rural area, possibly Wales, and six more weeks in an inner city setting.”


“You would primarily be an observer and advisor offering the best of our strategies and policing; but I would expect you to get involved and help out.  If I know you?”


“No bullshit?” asked Bud


“No bullshit.” Exley replied.  “Do you want time to think?”


“Fuck no! I’m in.” He raised grateful eyes to Exley. “You know you can count on me. I won’t let you down. Just tell me where and when to report for duty.”


“I know.” Exley said softly.  “But I have to exercise caution here Bud.  These people are a gentle race.  They don’t carry guns, they don’t swear and their policemen are highly respected. ”


“Just like here,” Bud mocked.


Exley sighed.  “I chose you because of your integrity, honesty and ability, but you will have to keep a check on your temper and language otherwise it just won’t work.  The days of thumping suspects are long gone.” Do you understand?


“Yes.” Bud replied. “I’ll report for work a week Monday.  Thanks Ed.” His voice was sincere as he grasped the large file Exley handed him.


“Read that before you report for duty.  It tells you everything you need to know.  You’ll fly to London and start the program in a rural village.  That’ll be followed by six weeks in a town called Manchester.  The city is beginning to experience problems with gang warfare and possibly drugs too.  I think you could have a big impact there.  You don’t like gangsters, do you Bud?”


“Nope.” His face flickered as he remembered some of the beatings he had doled out.


“OK, we better get moving,” said Exley as he looked at his watch and threw Bud an appreciative glance. The two men finished their drinks and left the bar together.  They shared an unspoken trust as they went their separate ways.


Present day


Bud replayed the scene in the Formosa bar as the plane soared towards the heavens.  He was still feeling like shit, but was excited to be finally on his way.


His peace was suddenly shattered by a body heaving against him,  pushing past to get into the aisle.  He looked up to see the young woman clutching a sick bag and trying to stagger towards the bathroom.


“I am sorry, please excuse me.” She said, her tone urgent.


Bud unbuckled his seat belt and stood up in an attempt to allow her to pass, but it was too late.  She fell heavily into his lap. Her face was the colour of marble.  He lifted her gently and held her upright whilst he backed out into the aisle.


“It’s OK miss, no worries.  You not so well?”


The girl nodded as she lurched towards the toilet.


Bud could see she was very distressed and watched her head for the toilet a few feet away from her seat.  As she went to open the door, a large man barged past her, almost knocking her off her feet.


“I was here first.”  The man said loudly, causing her great embarrassment.


She stumbled and looked round in desperation.  Putting it crudely, it was coming out both ends and she just couldn’t wait.


Bud spotted what was happening and jumped out of his seat towards the man at the toilet door. He grabbed him discreetly by the collar, and effortlessly shoved him out of the way.


He whispered quietly in the man’s ear. “Now, shitbag, sit down and shut the fuck up.  I think the lady’s need is far more urgent than yours.  Capisce?”


The man was stunned and looked at the stewardess who was hovering.  Another tweak of his collar was all it took to convince him to sit down.


The young woman was gone some time before eventually returning to her seat.


Bud hadn’t been able to get a good look at her until she stood hovering, waiting to get past him to her seat.  She was very young, early twenties with raven black hair and a body that rose and fell in all the right places.  Her face still held traces of puppy fat around her cheeks.  Her skin shone with a deep natural tan colour.  A gorgeous broad and she was sitting next to him!   Things were definitely looking up.  She had stopped being sick, but looked so scared, he thought she might pass out.


Excusing herself again as she pushed past him to her seat.


Bud felt her legs brush against his as he inhaled her very expensive perfume.   Her waist length hair smelt of cinnamon as it skimmed his face. Everything about her was expensive, clothes, jewellery.  She was one classy female.


She fell back into her seat, clutching the armrests.


“Thank you so much for helping me back there.  You’re a real gentleman to come to my aid.”


Bud chuckled.  “Well, I’ve been called a lot of things in my time, but never a ‘gentleman’.”


“I am sorry, I hate flying.  I get so scared.  I don’t mean to disturb you, I do apologise.”


Her English accent was exquisite.  She spoke softly, pronouncing every syllable.  As he studied her face, he found himself very attracted to her.


“Nothing to worry about miss.  I wasn’t feeling so good myself.  I was gonna ask you to pass me a bag when we were taking off.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Bud White a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, but I’m going to spending some time with the British Police Force for the next few months.”


She was looking straight at him but the terror on her face told him she wasn’t really listening.  She gripped the seat tightly, her lips pressed grimly together. Bud could recognise fear and this young woman was fucking terrified.  Her beautiful dark eyes were filled with tears of distress and her skin was turning a marble colour again.


“Can I help?” he asked gently, offering his large hand.”


She grabbed it quickly and began to squeeze for all she was worth.


Bud liked the feel of her soft skin against his calloused hand. He was good with women and even better when they were scared.  He was just what she needed as he probed gentle questions to take her mind off things.


“Well, you know my name.” Bud prodded.


“Oh! Sorry,” she threw him a half apologetic smile. “I’m Rachel Wiseman.  I just qualified as a language translator.  My grandfather died and I had to attend the will reading in LA.  I am the only member of the family fluent in Hebrew.  Daddy said I had to go, so that was it.  We have to bury our dead within 24 hours, so there was no time for anything.  I had no choice but to honour the family’s wishes.   It wasn’t so bad going.  I travelled first class and it wasn’t so claustrophobic, but this seat was all I could get coming back.


She looked even more distressed as she recounted the events.  She felt Bud’s hand grip hers more tightly and smiled at him.


“Just relax and take some deep breaths.  Sounds like you have had it pretty rough”.


She found his voice both sexy and soothing, and he was so good looking. He was definitely taking her mind off things.  She studied his face.  He had the most beautiful eyes, strong, handsome features and an obvious sensitivity she’d not encountered before.


“Yes, it has been rough.  I only graduated a few weeks ago and everyone is telling me what I should do.  Daddy wants me to go to Israel and work for free on a Kibbutz.  My uncle wants me to go into the family business, and Reuben, well Reuben wants me to get married and have children.  He doesn’t want a working wife.  There is so much pressure I just want to run away.”


“Oh look, I am sorry.  I seem to be always apologising to you, but you don’t need to hear all this.  Please take no notice of me.”


“What do you want?” Bud asked, his eyes piercing hers.


“Really?”  She spoke thoughtfully.  “I am fluent in several languages and I’d like to work around the world as a translator. It’s good money, but nothing like I would earn in the family business.  Mother says I should live in the style I am accustomed to.  The family is extremely wealthy.  They run a major Import/Export business in Manchester.”


Bud’s ears pricked up.  “Manchester, is that where you live?”




“What a coincidence! That’s where I’m heading.” His eyes lit up as he spoke.  He went on to explain briefly about his assignment.


Rachel listened, fascinated by his deep voice and accent, not to mention the fact he was coming to her hometown.


“Well there is a funny story attached to that.  My great grandparents were Russian immigrants and they were heading for New York.  But no one could speak English and they got off at the Pier Head in Liverpool by mistake.  Can you believe that?” She said laughing at the story.


“You’re kidding me.” He said


“No, God’s honest truth.  No one could invent that story, could they?”


“Suppose not,” he replied.


Bud caught himself laughing again.  She was like a breath of fresh air.  One minute a grown woman and the next a giggly schoolgirl.


Bud noticed her colour returning.  She was so darkly attractive he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her eyes shone brilliant white against the tan of her skin and mahogany coloured hair.  Her lipstick had faded revealing her natural colour that blended perfectly with the rest of her beauty.  Every time she lowered her thick lashes his body responded.


Still holding his hand she asked. “I am very tired, jet lag and all that.  Would you mind if I rested my head on your shoulder and dozed a bit?”


“Be my guest.” Bud replied as she gently laid her cheek on his broad shoulder.  She felt delicious as the top of her thick hair brushed his chin.


They both dozed off and on until the Air Hostess returned with a meal.  Bud was feeling a lot better and was starving.  He ate everything put in front of him.  Rachel’s appetite was diminished by her sickness, so he ate half of her food as well as his own.


The captain’s voice came over the microphone, informing them they would be making a short stop over in New York, whilst they refuelled for the onward journey.


Rachel looked at Bud.  Her eyes reflected the terror she felt at the prospect of another landing and taking off.


Bud held her hand tightly and said.  “You’ll be OK.  If you can’t trust a police officer, who can you trust?” He smiled and gave her a reassuring look.


Rachel smiled back at him, not convinced.


They remained seated during the refuelling and Bud noticed more passengers come on board.  Before long they were taking off again.  Rachel remained silent and tight lipped as she held his hand.  Once they were airborne they struck up the conversation again.  Bud thought he could go for her, but was troubled by ‘Reuben’.


“So, who is this Reuben?” he asked, his brow furrowed.


“He’s my boyfriend.  The family ‘arranged’ our union when we were children and it is taken for granted I will marry him.  It is expected.”


“Is that what you want?” Bud asked.  He sounded serious.


“No, not really. He is a nice man, very clever and very ambitious.  He’s a lawyer, but…”  Her voice faltered and her face blushed wildly.  “He’s not very good…sorry it’s a so embarrassing.  All my friends at University have been having a whale of a time and I’ve never got to first base, if you know what I mean?  Reuben lives by a strict moral code and I’d just like to live a little.”


“Oh God, I’m doing it again, telling you all my problems, I’m s…..”


“For Chrissake, don’t say fu…. er sorry again.” Bud muttered.


Bud could see she was clearly embarrassed and gave her his most sensitive look.  “I know.  A lot of people feel like that, but there are ways round it, if you get my meaning?” He said, kindly.


Rachel looked at him.  Here was this gorgeous man talking about sex.  He wasn’t embarrassed, just straightforward.  She felt she could trust him with her life.


“Oh yes, I get your meaning.  It’s just a shame Reuben doesn’t.  I feel so..” She waved her hands around, lost for words.


Bud looked at her.  All of this and practically never been kissed.  Someone up there liked him.


Their conversation continued as Bud told her briefly about the last few years of his life.  He skipped the fact that Lynn was a prostitute and concentrated on the part where he was getting his life back together.


Rachel listened intently, fascinated by his face and deep voice.


“You’ve had such an interesting life, I envy you.  My life is so dull and predictable, I’d give anything for some excitement.”


“Excitement is not all it’s cracked up to be, but I’ve seen and done things most men would never think about.”


“And you’ve lived, and had relationships?”  She spoke the last word very softly, almost as though she didn’t want him to hear it.


“Yep, I’ve done a few relationships in my time.  Can’t say I’m proud of some of them, but you can’t turn the clock back.”


The Captain made the landing announcement and the stewardesses busied themselves with seat belts and checking overhead lockers.


“Where are you going in London? Rachel asked. Can I give you a lift somewhere?  “You have been very kind and I would like to repay the favour.  It’s a little strange, but I feel like I know you very well.”


“Doesn’t sound strange at all.  This is one flight I won’t forget in a hurry.”  He was grinning widely and if she was not mistaken, he was flirting with her.


She flirted right back as she said.  “I know I’ll never forget today.”


Bud told her his hotel location and they agreed she would give him a lift.  She was staying at the Dorchester for a few days while she did some shopping and caught up with friends. It was only a short distance between the two hotels.


The plane finally landed.  Rachel went through her ‘grim death’ act as Bud comforted her. They disembarked and headed towards the luggage carousel.  Bud lifted her cases on his trolley and they headed through Customs towards the car she had left parked a few days previously.


She fumbled for the keys as they headed towards a pea green Morris Mini Cooper.  “Isn’t it wonderful.  It’s brand new, the very latest model.  It’s all the rage, my friends are so jealous of me.”


Bud gasped at this matchbox of a car.  “How the f… I am supposed to get in that?” He asked.  “What is it?  A kiddie car or something?”


Rachel chortled and said.  “You don’t know class when you see it.”


Bud needed sunglasses just to look at it and he wondered how his large frame was going to fit into such a miniscule vehicle.  He loaded the cases into the boot and the back seat and lowered himself gingerly into the front seat.  The small car was completely loaded as they headed out of the airport.


Bud had forgotten about the English driving on the left side of the road and nearly had a heart attack when she went the ‘wrong’ way down something she called a ring road.  He closed his eyes and sat on his hands.


Rachel watched in amusement and told him to open his eyes and take in the sights.


“So who is scared now?”  She laughed.


Bud grinned back at her.  He was beginning to enjoy himself.  He’d seen pictures of London, but everything seemed so small.  Hardly any skyscrapers, very small roads and people dressed in suits and hats.  “All very quaint.”  He thought, finally understanding the meaning of the word with the proof right before his eyes.


They arrived at his hotel, unloaded his bags and signed in at the Reception desk.


“I got two days before I report for duty, so I have some time to see the sights.”  Bud said, hinting broadly that he would like to see her again.


The hint was not lost on Rachel as she asked him. “Could I buy you dinner tonight?  I’m on my own for a couple of days before I go home and I would like to.” Her eyes were pleading with him to say ‘yes’.


“That’d be good, but I gotta pay my own way.”  He replied.


“I won’t be paying.  Daddy has an account at the Dorchester.  Everything goes on that.  What time would you like to eat?”


“How about I meet you here at 8?” Bud replied, smiling.


“Great.” She replied.


Rachel leant up and planted a small kiss on the cheek.  She blushed madly, giggled and swept through the hotel lobby into the pea green kiddie car at the front of the hotel.


Bud grinned as he watched her go.  He had a few hours to explore, get a shower and get ready for his date.  He felt like a million dollars.





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Rachel drove the short distance to the Dorchester Hotel.  It was palatial by comparison to Bud’s down to earth two star abode; but perhaps that was all he could afford on a detective’s salary.  She remembered he told her he would be staying in Police accommodation during his stay in England.  On reflection she decided that dinner at the Dorchester might be a bit too grand.  It was a beautiful summer night; what better than fish, chips and beer in Hyde Park?  She decided to surprise him.


Bud unpacked the small suitcase containing his immediate essentials and left the rest of his luggage ready to go Wales.  Despite jet lag he was eager to explore his immediate vicinity.  After a quick shower and shave, he made his way down to the street.  One thing about Bud, he was well organised.  A chat with the Desk Clerk had him pointed in the direction of the Dorchester and Hyde Park. Stepping into the street with a map, he began to make his way.


Feeling like a kid in a candy store, he began to explore.  There were no yellow cabs, just black, square-looking taxis and bright red Double-Decker buses.  At 6pm, it was pleasantly warm and sunny, no oppressive heat like home.  A fresh breeze hit his face; it energised him.  Bud weaved his way down the street, drinking in the atmosphere.


Spotting a tiny tobacconist’s shop down some steps, he made his way in.  The musky shop smelt of tobacco and aniseed and was crammed full of old-fashioned sweet jars.  It could only hold four people at best.    Bud bought a newspaper and a bottle of ginger beer.  Struggling with pounds, shillings and pence, he only just managed to find the right money.  It was all so quaint, just like the movies, but the Cockney accent was a bastard to understand.


Bud handed the money over saying, “thanks, I hope that’s right?”


The shop assistant beamed back at this handsome stranger as she checked the money and asked,  “you a Yank? Are you on holiday?”


“Sure am,” Bud replied. “Not on vacation though, came here to work.”


“I hope you enjoy your stay.  Have a nice day,” she said, smiling.


“Thanks ma’am, sure will!”


With that he climbed the steps back to the street, making his way in towards Hyde Park and The Dorchester Hotel.  He crossed a couple of busy streets, taking care not to get run over by the traffic driving in the wrong direction. Everything looked and felt different as he admired some of the historic buildings he passed along the way.


Bud spotted a policeman in uniform.  The Officer looked like something out of the Keystone cops with his domed helmet, quaint uniform and truncheon. A conversation would have been good, but he was in a hurry, it would have to wait for another time.


“Evening Officer,” Bud smiled.


“Evening Sir,” came the reply in that strange Cockney twang.




Bud passed a small church that looked hundreds of years old. The sight of it stopped him in his tracks.  He felt inexplicably drawn in as he trod the cobbled path to the entrance and ran his hand over the large oak doors.  Weather beaten and decaying, they appeared to be centuries old.  Peering through the cobwebbed, stained glass windows he tried to get a better look inside, but it was too dark to see.  Everything was locked up but he had a notion to explore the small overgrown cemetery round the back.  A chill overtook him as he quietly strode the weed-ridden paths. There were gravestones going back to the 1500’s.  Bud knelt down and wiped the dirt from one of the stones, but the lettering was so faint he could barely make it out.   He squinted to read the name, Thomas Henry Williams, born 1546 died 1560.  Underneath his name, was the name of his brother, Edward, born 1555 died 1561.  The family list continued, none of the children had reached adulthood.  There was a fleeting sense of sorrow for those who had died so young.  A few of the inscriptions were written in Latin.  “Bet Rachel could translate them,” he thought.  He stood for a moment, before paying a respectful glance to the buried souls, and made his way back onto the street.


There was so much to see.  He felt happier than he had been in a long time and caught people smiling back at him as he continued his exploration of the small streets and dark alleyways.


Checking his watch, he reached the Dorchester Hotel.  Bud was blown away by the grandeur of the building and he could see the park in full blossom over the road.  Time was pressing as he studied the map to make his way back.  Bud was good on bearings, he seemed to have something inbuilt that stopped him getting lost and quickly retraced his footsteps to his hotel.


Arriving there, he spotted the pea green Mini parked outside.  Rachel was early and his heartbeat quickened as he walked briskly down the street.  In all the excitement, he had not given her any real thought.  How old could she be 21, 22?  He was old enough to be her father.  A wave of concern swept over him as entered the foyer, but it left him when he saw her sitting on a sofa.


She stood up as he walked through the door.


“Hello Bud, I’m a bit early, but I won’t say sorry.”


“You’re learning,” he replied, smiling.  I just gotta go to my room and grab a few things and we can get going, OK?


“Fine, I’ll come with you.”


Before Bud knew what was happening they were both in the lift on the way to his room.  The lift was dimly lit and spluttered it’s way to the fourth floor.  Bud couldn’t help staring at her in the gloom and placed his hand on the small of her back when the lift juddered to a halt.


“After you miss,” he said beckoning her through the open doors.  “A gentleman always lets the lady go first,” He chuckled, remembering their conversation on the plane.


“I felt a bit conspicuous sitting in Reception, hope you don’t mind me tagging along?” Rachel grinned as they walked down the corridor.


“No worries,” Bud replied as he opened the door to his small room.  He placed the key on the dresser and collected a few items which he shoved in his pockets


“I gotta use the bathroom, won’t be long.”




Rachel sat on the bed looking round the room.  It was very basic, no frills, just like Bud.  He was much more handsome than she remembered and he seemed larger somehow.  She caught herself giggling in anticipation and snatched his hand as he swept past her coming out of the toilet.


“Sit down a minute Bud,” she implored.


Bud sat on the bed next to her, a little uneasy at being this close. She was stunning and his urge to kiss her was overwhelming.


“It’s a beautiful night.  How about we get fish and chips and some beer and head for Hyde Park.  Would you prefer that to a stuffy hotel?


“Sounds good.  I could even pay if I could figure out your crazy money.”


“OK, let’s go.” She said grabbing his hand and singing the words of a song.


“ Got myself a crying, walking, sleeping, talking, Living Doll.”


“What do you think of Cliff’s new hit, ‘Living Doll’, isn’t it wonderful?” she said, singing the lyrics.


“Cliff who?” He asked puzzled, thinking she was a living doll.


Rachel shrieked laughing.  “Oh Bud, you’re so square. Cliff Richard, Mr Wonderful.  We’re going to have to get you an education.”


Bud grinned back. He didn’t have a clue what she was talking about as they piled into the Mini and headed for an “authentic English Fish and Chip Shop.”


Rachel stood in the queue. She told Bud to keep his money; he could buy the drinks later. Bud studied her through the glass window.  She was not very tall.  Her short, peachy fitted dress highlighted her beautiful figure as she turned to look at him. She was so full of life and energy; his body tingled just looking at her.


She walked towards the open car window and dumped what looked like a pile of newspapers and two bottles of beer in his lap.


He was aching to hold her, touch her, kiss her and as she leapt into the driver’s seat he spoke quietly.


“Rachel,” his richly timbered voice shuddered through her body, leaving her helpless.


She made no answer as she felt her body soften at the sound of his voice. His hand reached up and gently stroked her cheek.  She shivered as she followed her instincts and tipped her mouth towards his.  Not a word was spoken as she felt his breath hovering over her lips before he kissed her, so slowly, gently kissing her top lip, savouring the taste of her before he moved to tug her bottom lip with his, opening his mouth wide as he kissed her.  Rachel felt an unfamiliar twang in her stomach as his kisses became more intimate.


She felt so soft and clean pressed against him.  He wanted to rush, but he made himself go slowly as he deepened his kisses, slipping his tongue between her lips, tasting her sweetness.  He felt her sigh under his embrace as she kissed him back, her tongue chasing, teasing and sucking his.


No one had ever kissed her like this.  She could barely breathe with excitement as her body pressed instinctively against his.  Wishing this could go on forever, she could have made love to him in the car, in the street.  At that moment she did not care.


Bud was becoming heavily aroused and with no immediate outlet in sight, he pulled away.  Her cheeks were flushed and her body betrayed her response as he held her close.


“We better get going before these famous chips get cold,” He said, coughing slightly.


Reluctantly, Rachel agreed and started up the car engine.  She drove the short distance to the park and headed for the park.


Bud took in the sights as they drove through the park.  He marvelled at the elegant horseback riders dressed in their natty jackets and funny hats.  The green lawns looked like they were made of velvet, and the purple flowering bushes were a feast for the eyes.  He inhaled the intoxicating scent of the flora and fauna as it wafted through the open window. It mixed exquisitely with Rachel’s own heady perfume.



The car pulled up near the Rose Garden.  They both got out.  Bud stood for a moment as the silence hit him.  The warm evening sun was starting to set beyond the trees, bathing everything in its amber glow.  There was no hint of a breeze as the perfect stillness engulfed his senses.  He heard the faint twittering of birds high in the trees and the distant laughter of children playing.  It was like a small piece of heaven.  He watched, amazed, as a squirrel scuttled past them and darted up a tree.  He shook his head in sheer disbelief at the beauty of it all. Lost in his thoughts, he suddenly felt Rachel yank his arm.


“Hurry up.  I hate cold chips.” She said, startling him back to reality.




She opened the boot of the car, explaining it was a ‘boot’ and not a trunk.


“Smart ass,” Bud teased her, laughing.


Rachel unpacked a picnic basket and rug and spread them out on the grass. Taking out plates and cutlery she poured the beer into tumblers.  Bud noticed the words “Dorchester Hotel” on the lid of the basket.


He helped her arrange everything, before he sat down and started to eat his meal from the paper wrappings.  Looking intently at his surroundings he tried to capture the details and burn them in his memory.  His gaze met Rachel’s.  This was one picture he wanted to keep.


She watched his large hands as he ate slowly, licking his lips, enjoying his food and the ambiance of the surroundings.  She handed him a tumbler of beer, which he downed in one go.  This man understood the meaning of pleasure, but his face bore the scars of past pains.


Rachel felt so excited she could hardly eat.  Her stomach was doing somersaults.  She played with her food, teasing Bud by rubbing a chip softly against his lips.  She jumped with surprise as he sucked it into his mouth, grabbed her hand and licked her fingers.  Her body trembled at the rough softness of his tongue.


Bud finished chewing, wiped his mouth with a napkin and leaned towards her.


“You teasing me?”


“As if I would,” she replied, tickling him playfully.


“Enough, women!” Bud shouted in a mock roar.


He lay down on the rug and pulled her into his body.  Running his hands through her long soft hair he gently sucked her neck and planted sensuous kisses on her throat.  He felt an instant response as her breasts pressed against him.


Rachel kissed him back, passionately, her hands roaming his hard body, touching, feeling, stroking wherever she could reach.  His small murmurs were exciting her beyond belief.  At that moment she made up her mind.


She pulled back from him.  “Bud, would you do something for me?” she sounded serious.


“Sure, what?”


“Will you make love to me?  I want my first time to be special. It would be with you, will you?” she asked, stroking his face, her voice shaking.


“I’m on the Contraceptive pill.  I can’t get pregnant.  I got it in the States.  Money buys anything these days.  We’d be quite safe.”  Her words were hurried as she tried to speak it all out in one breath.


“I didn’t even know they had a ‘pill’ for that!” Bud said, astounded. “How old are you?”


“Twenty-one.” Rachel replied.  “How old are you?”


He snorted. “Old enough to be your father.”


“But you do like me, don’t you?”


“It’s not that. You know I do, but you’re just a kid.”


“Well, you didn’t kiss me like a kid.  You kissed me like a woman.”


Bud’s voice softened, she was right.  She deserved his honesty.


“You sure this is what you want?”


“More than anything I ever wanted in my life.”


“What about this joker Reuben.  I thought you and he…?”


“Not any more.  I phoned him before.  It’s over, I’m a free agent.”


Bud smiled. “Well, in that case…”


He kissed her deeply.  She met his passion. Her tongue was driving him wild.  He was rock hard again and it fucking hurt.  It all hurt.  Losing Lynn.  Having no one to love. “What the fuck…” he thought, “why not?”


Bud drew a deep breath and spoke quietly.  “OK, but if you change your mind…”


“I won’t change my mind,” she said emphatically.


They gathered their belongings in a silent hurry.  The air was electric as they headed towards the Dorchester.


“Your place, I presume?” Bud quizzed.


“It’s nearer,” (and much nicer, although she didn’t say it).


Rachel pulled up outside the hotel.  The doorman took her keys to park the car.


“Evening Miss Wiseman.”


“Evening Charles.”


She was greeted several times by the staff as they made their way to the lift.


“Will you be requiring dinner madam?”


“No thanks.”


Bud attracted a few admiring glances from the female staff.  This did not go unnoticed by Rachel as she led him through their opulent surroundings.


Bud thought the hotel looked something out of the movies, all plush sofas and Old English decor.  The lift attendant opened the doors and welcomed them.  He seemed to know Rachel and took the lift her floor.


Bud gripped her hand tightly, teasing her fingers with his.  He could see her smiling and lowering her eyelids.  The thick mane of long, black hair could not hide the lust in her eyes.


She edged towards him, pressing her thigh against his, wishing the attendant wasn’t there.  She felt Bud’s hand move to her backside as he stroked softly under her short skirt.  She responded, rocking back into his hand.  It took all her strength to walk out of the lift normally.


“Have a pleasant evening, madam, sir?”


“We will, thanks” Bud grinned.


Rachel fumbled with the door key to her suite.   She felt so excited she could barely function.


Laughing, Bud took the key off her and opened the door.  He operated the key with one hand whilst the other slid under her hair drawing her in for a kiss.


He felt her body grind against his.


“Let’s get inside.  I don’t wanna get done for indecent exposure,” he smirked.


They fell inside wrapped in each other’s arms, locked in an ardent kiss.


Bud felt the thickness of the deep carpet beneath his feet.  He glanced at the luxurious surroundings, but only momentarily as he pulled Rachel gently towards him.  “We’re gonna do this right.”  His voice was husky and his breathing ragged as she led him to the bedroom.


He took her hand gently and turned her to face him.  Studying her face intently, he asked:


“You nervous?”


“How did you guess?” She replied, her breath short.


“Just a hunch, rapid breathing, wide eyes, bit of a giveaway,” he smiled.


Pulling her close, he laced his hands in her soft hair and pressed his mouth and chin against it’s thickness.  Whispering in her ear, he murmured:


“I promise not to hurt you, you gotta trust me.  OK?”


She nodded.


Sitting on the bed she watched him undress.  Her heart was pounding with excitement. He laid his jacket across the back of a chair and placed his pants on top of it.  She wondered if watching him strip was part of allure?  He unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a white tank top underneath.  She marvelled as his strong arms swiped it over his head.  His arms were amazing, like thick tree trunks.  Bending slightly, he slipped his boxer shorts down to his ankles, revealing a large erection.   Naked, he seemed to give off a sense of humility in direct contradiction to his physical size.


His body was perfectly formed.  Bud’s eyes were soft and his expression gentle as he gazed at her. She felt her sex moisten as she looked at him. Her eyes were drawn to his hardened member. She wanted to touch him.


“You got some Baby Oil or something?” Bud asked gently.


“Er why… oh…gosh…. I think so.” She said, blushing furiously.


“Do you wanna get it?”


Rachel padded into the bathroom and returned holding a small bottle.


Bud took it from her and set it down on the bedside table.


Turning to her silently, he stroked her cheek with his fingertips and planted a slow kiss on her forehead.  Tilting his head he kissed her gently at first, his fingers lightly exploring her face.  Bud revelled in the touch of her soft skin against his cheek.  He kissed her sensuously, his tongue probing her lips, seeking entry. Her body softened against his as her mouth opened wide to taste his deep intimate kisses.


Slowly, sensuously, he unbuttoned her dress.  It slipped it down her body and dropped in a puddle on the floor. He flicked the fastener on her bra. It followed the dress to the floor.


Rachel felt like she was drowning in pleasure as she watched him unclip her stockings and roll them down her legs. She felt his fingers trail her legs and feet as the stockings came off. She unhooked the suspender belt and dropped it to the floor.  She was naked apart from a small pair of black silk panties.


He was unbelievably gentle as he touched and caressed her.  He made her feel completely safe, yet more excited than she had ever been in her life.


Bud moved his hand to slip her panties off.  He felt her stop him.


“Not just yet.  I am a bit shy,” she said, her head lowered slightly.


“OK honey, anything you want,” he murmured softly.


Laying her down on the bed, he kissed her lovingly.  His large hands grasped her breasts, caressing them like Lynn had taught him.  He caught himself.  This wasn’t Lynn; this was some kid about to lose her virginity.  He was by nature a gentle lover, but she was arousing some of his basest instincts.  She reached to touch his hardness.  He could tell she was unsure and covered her hand with his, guiding her movements.  She tried to go faster but he stopped her saying. “Gotta slow it down or I won’t last.”


Slowing her touch, her other hand began exploring his body and stroking his short cropped hair.  Her reactions were becoming stronger as she fought to close the space between them.


Bud’s palm smoothed the crotch of her panties.  She was sopping wet and he felt her twitch beneath his touch.  His fingers lightly explored the flimsy material, just skimming under the edge.  Feeling her buck against him he slipped in a little further.  The heat of her sex against his fingers made him tingle inside.  She was soft, wet and so ready for him.  His hand moved to the waist of her panties and slowly slid under the material. Caressing her folds with his thick fingers, he found her bud already peaked as he circled it lightly with the tip of his index finger.


She moaned loudly as her body moved in sync under his experienced touch.  She started moving faster, trying to create more friction when he moved further down and slid his finger inside her.


“Take them off, please,” she pleaded.


Huh, yeah…” grunted Bud, slipping her panties down her legs. She kicked them off while he rose up on one arm to look at her. His eyes travelled to the thick bush of black curls at her sex. “Just as nature intended,” he thought.


“You’re gorgeous,” he said, his hand slowly, luxuriously grazing her stomach.  A look of hesitation blinked across his eyes, he knew Rachel had seen it.


“What’s wrong? Have you gone off the idea?” She was panicking.


Bud gave her a dead serious look as his past life flashed before him.  He’d been in some bad relationships and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d met anyone like Rachel, or if he ever had.  His first sexual encounter had been with a married woman, and the high point of his life had been Lynn… a Veronica Lake look alike who fucked for money.  He suddenly felt tainted.


Rachel leaned up and kissed him hard, sucking his tongue like he’d taught her and at the same time stroking his hardness.


“Bud, I want you, like this, now.  Don’t back out on me; I couldn’t bear it.  I’d always wonder what I missed.” She was to give him no choice as she flung her leg over his thigh and pressed her taut nipples against his chest.  Her hand found the cheeks of his ass and stroked the crack.


Bud realised she was acting on instinct and not experience as her finger rested on his asshole.  He wanted her to lick it and slip it inside him, but he knew it was too much to ask.  Grabbing her hands he pinned them above her head as he began his onslaught, licking the shell of her ear, listening to her moans of delight.  He let her go.


“Stay put, please.”


She did as he asked, her body undulating, her breasts two swollen heaving peaks.  Her hips juddered in response to his intimate kisses.  She watched his head as he licked a trail down her neck, his fingertips stroking the underside of each breast, his tongue, lapping upwards, finally reaching his target.  He bit her nipple hard, she felt her moisture flow in a strange new experience.  She watched him roll one nipple between his fingers, whilst he sucked hard on the other, bringing them both to peaks.


She felt so soft and new, Bud could hardly contain himself.  He wanted to fuck her so hard…   At least with her hands out of the way he could last a little longer.


Satisfied that her breasts had received his full attention he moved his face lower, licking her belly, stroking the inside of her thighs.  He could see she was glistening wet and ready for him. He could smell her earthy scent.  He wondered how far he could go, this being her first time and all.


Moving his face back up to hers, he dropped sensuous kisses on her cheeks, licking and blowing on her wet skin.  She was almost crying with want.


“I want this to be very special.  Do you trust me?  Do you trust that I won’t hurt you?”


“ You ever had an orgasm?”


“I don’t know,” the reply came softly.


“You didn’t.  You will now.  I’m gonna kiss you ‘here’ he said, stroking her intimately. Don’t be shocked, you’ll enjoy it, I promise.”  He looked in her eyes for an answer.




“I think so.” Her voice breathless.


She clasped her hands above her head as he moved down her body, licking and kissing wherever he touched.  His palm grazed her pubic hair as his fingers slid tenderly between her soft folds.  As he pushed her legs wide open she felt his hot mouth descend upon her wet sex.


Nothing could have prepared her for this intimate lustful act.  She felt his fingers spread her wide as his tongue licked the length of her slit.  Her breath hissed and she bucked violently, involuntarily, almost hitting him in the face.  Her hands were wringing his short-cropped hair as she screamed with pleasure.  So this is what it was all about?  Reuben was not from the same planet as this man.


She felt the heat rising inside her stomach.  She could feel Bud’s tongue probing and flicking her sensitive area.  A finger slid inside her, followed by a second.  It didn’t hurt, just a bit uncomfortable as he stroked her intimately back and forth.


“You OK?” he asked.  He knew she’d be tight and was trying to make it as easy as he could for her.


She nodded breathlessly, couldn’t speak.


“Relax honey. Do you like this?” he asked. His voice sounded like honeyed whiskey as his thumb pressed firmly against her clitoris and his fingers explored inside her.


“Yes” she panted.


She threw her head back, her face reddening all the time, small tears appearing in the corners of her eyes.


“Rachel, I love how you taste, how you feel.  Can you see what you do to me? You’re driving me crazy…  I wanna love you so bad, it hurts,” Bud breathed.


He felt her walls spasm around his fingers as she responded to his deep voice and his intimate stroking.  He’d done this many times before, but this was the strongest response he had ever elicited.  It was so powerful, it almost shocked him.


Rachel let out a yell as her climax burst.  It hit every part of her body; she almost stopped breathing as wave after wave of ecstasy shot through her whole being, finally leaving her limp and breathless.


Bud smoothed her softly bringing her down, letting her experience every last second of this joy.  He dropped a final kiss on her before moving up to take her in his arms.


“Bud, I never knew…. Reuben……it just.”  She was trembling and tearful as she hugged him hard.


“It’s OK, I know.  You don’t need to explain, but we’re not done yet.” He picked up the baby oil and handed it to her.


“You gonna do the honours?”


Rachel’s eyes were wide as she took the bottle from him.  She looked down at his erection.  She could see he was trying to be all cool and collected, but it was enormous, he couldn’t have long to go.


She sat up and dribbled some oil on her fingertips and gingerly reached out to stroke him.  He inhaled sharply as she touched him. His eyelids half–closing in response.  His erection twitched as she spread the oil over his shaft.  She was blushing furiously.  She could not believe she was doing this.


“Make sure you get it all.  I’m a big guy,” he said smiling, his breath ragged.


Her sex flooded again.  She was so sensitive it almost hurt.


He covered her hand with his, showing her how to stroke the underside and flick the tip with her thumb.


It felt so right; velvet hardness rocked against her willing hand.


She watched fascinated as her hand moved up and down his shaft.  She could smell him, a smell so base she licked her lips and moved her mouth towards him.  She drew back sharply, disgusted at what she almost did.


Bud returned to stroking her. Pouring some oil over his fingers he spread it over her waiting sex.  He poured a little more and slipped his fingers inside her, preparing the way.  He watched her eyelids lower in lust and anticipation.


Still stroking, he kissed her thoroughly, his tongue mimicking his fingers and when he was sure she was ready he moved on top of her, gently pushing her legs back to her breasts.


Rachel drew a deep breath, half anticipation, and half fear as she felt him position himself at her entrance.  He was stroking her with the end of his penis; she thought she would faint with excitement.


Bud slid in a small way and stopped, allowing her to adjust to his girth.


“Don’t move, just lie still till I’m in.” He said, stroking her hair.


She closed her eyes and moistened her lips.


He slid in further, encountering the small barrier.  A sharp push and it was gone.  He heard the cry and held her close, murmuring tenderly and reassuring her all the time.


“Relax, done now.”


He remained still for a few more seconds before he started to move slowly inside her.  She imprisoned his hardness so tight, he thought he’d die of pleasure.  He heard himself grunt with each move, his breathing becoming ragged as he picked up speed.  It took all his strength to fight the urge to fuck her hard and fast.


She tried to move with him and eventually melded into the age-old rhythm of pure, unashamed passion.  At first she thought he would split her in two, but soon she was drowning in the fullness of him inside her. His muscled body rubbing against hers, heightening the pleasure until it was almost unbearable.


Positioning himself carefully, he gave her the most stimulation possible as he slid in and out.  Her reactions made him feel so fucking sexy. He loved how her firm body felt against his own as he drowned in her kisses. She had the fresh taste of someone untainted.  He kissed her deeply, saying. “Taste yourself.”


That distinct taste was her, her sexuality.  It was all too much.


She gasped as her sex flooded and she felt herself begin to build again.  She watched his body above hers, powerful, strong, in control, but so tender and loving she wanted to cry.  She felt him tense and grow inside her; she knew it was nearly time.  Her senses heightened, she was aware of every movement.


His speed increased, stimulating her to a heat-burning climax.  She was silent this time, quietly weeping tears of joy as her sex gripped him like a vise, sending him over the edge.  He crashed inside her again and again, calling her name, breath hissing.  His face was a mask of pleasure as he finally drew to a halt and collapsed on top of her.  He was so out of it; it didn’t occur to him he might be crushing her until he heard.


“Can’t breathe Bud.”


“Sorry,” he apologised, quickly removing himself, wiping the tears from her eyes.  Did I hurt you?”


No reply.  She kissed him, hard, deep.  A kiss filled with gratitude and passion.


“Guess I got my answer?”


“You did.”


Their flushed bodies entwined naked on the luxurious bed.  Sleep descended on both of them.  A comfortable, sated delicious dream filled sleep of angels.  What would the morning bring?


The Man From LA


A raft of sunshine flickered across their sleeping bodies.  Rachel woke to find herself locked in Bud’s arms. It felt like heaven. He smelt of sex, sweat and ‘Bud’.  He slept deeply as she brushed her cheek against his broad chest, savouring his unique scent.  Not wanting to wake him, she planted a small kiss on his chest before she gently separated herself and climbed out.


Rachel took a long look at her lover. He looked peaceful as his long lashes fluttered gently against his cheeks. Butterflies leapt through her stomach as she recalled the passion of the previous night.  Would she look different?  As she studied her flushed cheeks and sticky body the bathroom mirror told its own story.  No soreness. She smiled back at herself. Bud had taken care of her.  She wanted more.  In a dreamlike state, she bathed and washed her hair as she wrestled with the excitement bombarding her mind.


Deep in thought, Rachel considered her immediate future.  Her friend David had offered her a job as a translator for negotiations in Israel.  But that was before she met Bud. The thought of leaving him left her in a mindless panic.


Her face a mask of concentration, she stood by the bed.  Bud was awake.  His eyes glazed with lust as he looked at her and threw a sleepy grin.


Cradling his head in his arms she kissed him tenderly.  She was just about to slip in next to him when she heard, “Sorry, doll, but I got to go to the john.”  Rachel ignored him; her need was greater than his.  She kissed him again.  He pushed her away gently, “Rachel, sweetie. Just stay right there. Don’t move,” he said, making promises with his eyes.


“OK don’t be long,” she backed off giving him a regretful look as he made his way to the bathroom.


She heard the water running; he must be taking a shower.  She felt a little put out he had shut the door and began feeling uncertain. Did he want her or not? She started to get dressed.


Bud emerged naked from the bathroom.  Last night had been great, but this was new ground and he wasn’t sure where it was all leading.  He was surprised to see her dressed, he had been thinking about some serious sex in the mirrored bathroom.


Distracted and a little unsettled he glanced round his luxurious surroundings.  No expense had been spared. He felt overwhelmed by the grandeur of it all.


Rachel had already started breakfast and asked him to join her.  Pulling on his boxer shorts, he sat opposite, looking quizzically at the food on the table.  Some of it, he couldn’t recognise.


No sooner had he sat down and phone rang.


Rachel answered it.


“Hello mother, yes I am fine, yes I tied up all the legalities with Grandfather’s will.  Do you know he left me a lot of money? Reuben, yes I know, I’ll explain when I come home on Monday.  I know he’s upset, it’s just that I met someone…….”


The mother spoke at length and Bud could see Rachel was becoming increasingly irate.  Every time Rachel tried to speak, it appeared she was cut dead.  Finally, she spluttered, angrily:


“No mother, he is not a nice Jewish boy.  He’s a bloody gorgeous American cop and I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet he’s a Roman Catholic. And before you say anything, don’t tell me not to swear!”


Bud heard the phone bang down sharply at the other end.  Rachel screwed her face in sheer frustration.


The moment had definitely passed as Rachel thumped back into her seat.  Bud had never seen her angry; looked like she was a force to be reckoned with.


She frowned, then made a little face of apology. “Sorry, Jewish mothers,” Rachel laughed wryly, and relaxed a little. “You have no idea Bud,” she said, sipping her tea.  “I bet your mum doesn’t go on at you all the time?”


Bud grinned and shook his head.


“C’mere, doll”.  Bud held out his arms to her.  As she sat on his lap, he kissed her slowly.  Each time she tried to speak he silenced her with his lips and tongue.  Eventually she gave up and they found themselves in bed, no nerves, no hesitation as they devoured each other hungrily.


It was different to the night before.  Rachel’s anger intensified her feelings. She wanted to make love to him, hard and fast and didn’t hesitate when he gently asked her to get on her hands and knees on the bed.  She’d read about this way of ‘doing it’ and was eager to please him.


He flipped her over, stroking and loving her, entering her in one smooth move from behind.  She made a strange noise as he filled her completely and began to stroke her.  His hand reached for her bud as fingers teased her to orgasm.  He felt her walls grip him hard as she climaxed convulsively, collapsing in a heap at the force of it.  He held her up and continued till he was finally spent.


“You grew up quick,” he breathed huskily.


“Yeah,” she said flopping against his body and nuzzling into his neck.  “I think I like it slower though, like last night.”


“That was a quickie to keep us going,” Bud smirked.  “We’ll do slow later, OK sweetie?


“OK,” she replied, as she lay wrapped in the warmth of his body.


“You sure this ‘pill’ thing is foolproof? We wouldn’t want you getting pregnant, Bud asked seriously.


“Oh yes I’m sure.  My cousin sent it from the States.  She’s taken it for months and she’s fine, so don’t worry eh?”


They were just about to get up when the phone rang again. Rachel hesitantly put the receiver to her ear.


A voice at the other end, loud enough for Bud to hear it was a man.


“Reuben, what do you want? I told you I didn’t want to see you anymore, please leave me alone.  I’m sorry if I hurt you…..”


Bud watched her become more and more upset; her lower lip was beginning to quiver when he took the phone off her.  He listened for a minute.


“Rachel, you know how important it is we marry.  We’ll consolidate a fortune and be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.  Your mother is furious.  You can’t let the families down like this… You have a responsibility.  I am coming to London right now to take you home and we’ll sort it out.  It’ll all be OK,” said Reuben, unaware of Bud on the end of the line. He was startled, amazed when Bud spoke.


“You want some advice Reuben?”


A gasp at the end of the phone.  “Who is that?  Put Rachel on please and get off the line.”


Repeating himself, his voice low and metered, Bud said,  “You want some advice Reuben? Rachel doesn’t want to see you again.  Save your breath, pal. Quit being an asshole, and get the hell off the phone.”


He listened as Reuben spluttered and threatened to come to the hotel. “You can’t stop me!” he said wildly.


“No? Come near her and you’ll find out I can and I will.” Bud replaced the receiver and took Rachel in his arms.


“No one is ever gonna hurt you while I’m around.  I promise!”


Rachel knew Bud kept his promises.   “You saved me again,” she said mopping her tearful face.


Looking slightly nervous she asked Bud to sit next to her on the large leather sofa.  “I need to talk to you”, her voice hushed.


Bud reached for her hand as she tried to quell the nervousness he had come to recognise as all too familiar.  “C’mon on honey, nothin’s that bad.  If it’s Reuben?  Don’t worry….”


“No, it’s not Reuben, it’s us!”


Her eyes welled up as she searched for the words she needed.  She tried to speak, but no words formed.  Her emotions had overtaken her completely as Bud drew her into his body, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead.  Something ached deep inside him as he rocked her gently.


“Sshh, he murmured,  “slow down and tell me what’s up?”


Bud’s mind was racing.  Everything had moved so quickly.  He’d never met anyone like Rachel.  For Chrissake, he was eighteen years older than her. They were from different cultures and different backgrounds.  She had money and a fancy education.  He was out of her league; but he wanted her more than anything he’d ever wanted in his life.


“Honey, talk to me?” His eyes pleading with her.


Rachel drew back.  A picture of beauty, with her mussed hair and lucid eyes. She looked so fuckable he could hardly bear it.


Taking a deep breath and gripping his hand, she said.  “I don’t know what to do?  I’m supposed to take a job in Israel as a translator for the Peace talks.  I’m meeting David tomorrow night to discuss it.  If I accept, I’ll fly out on Friday…. I may never see you again.  I could get shot.. or anything could happen.  It didn’t really matter before.  I just wanted to go and do my bit, but I hadn’t banked on meeting someone like you and falling in love.  I’ve never felt like this before and I don’t know what to do.  I can’t explain it.  I feel so scared.” Her voice quivered with emotion as her words came out in a single rush.


Rachel looked to him for an answer.  Bud simply stared at her, open-mouthed.  She loved him?  What did she know? She was just a kid who’d had great sex.  Of course she’d think she loved him.”


“Honey, you’re very young.” He said sympathetically.


Rachel retorted angrily. “Don’t patronise me! You keep saying that, and if that’s your excuse for pulling out, OK, just bloody do it!  I just wanted you to know how I felt.”


Her eyes were brimming with tears as she tried to pull away.  Bud grabbed her back to him, holding her so tight she could hardly breathe.


“Look, I got feelings for you, you know that and I’m not pulling out.  But, we only just met.  We gotta a couple of days together so let’s see things work out.  You might go off me?” He said, half-smiling.


Rachel laughed, “well, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.”


“Your job is your decision, you gotta make your own mind up on that one honey, but I can help you get a fair deal if you want me to come with you?”


“Yeah, that’d be great. I’d love you to come with me.”  She secretly thrilled at the idea of showing him off to her friends.


Bud kissed her tenderly, stroking her back with the palm of his hand.  He could have stayed like that forever, but he had to go to his hotel to collect his messages and get some clean clothes.


“You OK now?”


“Yeah, a lot better now. Rachel replied, smiling.


Rachel set about planning their remaining time together.  She had theatre tickets for the play The Mousetrap that evening, and told Bud she’d love him go with her…. if he wouldn’t mind her renting a tuxedo?


“I don’t know, can you see me in a monkey suit?” Protesting slightly.


She smiled wryly.  She certainly could see him looking very handsome in a tuxedo.


They finished breakfast and headed for Bud’s hotel.  Rachel persuaded Bud to drive and couldn’t help feel admiration as he got the hang of it, effortlessly.


They spent the rest of the day sight- seeing.  Rachel stopped at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.  Encouraged by Bud, she got up and talked about her hopes for Peace In Israel.  Bud leaned against a tree, arms folded, admiring her passion and hold on the crowd.  He quietly strong- armed a couple of hecklers at the back.  With a satisfied smirk, he watched her continue uninterrupted.


Rachel was met with applause as she finished and stepped down into Bud’s arms.


“Hey, you done good there, Bud said smiling.


“Thanks, I always wanted to do that, but never had the nerve… till I met you!”


Bud grinned and he took her hand as they walked through the park to the car.


They drove to Buckingham Palace.  The flag was at half-mast.  Rachel explained The Queen was staying at Sandringham for the summer, a kind of ‘posh’ Country Home, she laughed.  Bud studied the Guard in his red uniform.  He reminded him of a toy soldier he’d played with as a kid.  “Funny people, these English,” he thought fascinated by the pomp and splendour of it all.


Rachel persuaded a policeman to take some photographs as they struck up serious poses for the camera.  Bud stood to attention.  Rachel tickled him and told him to, “bloody smile.”  “The pictures are going to be a hoot,” she thought.


The visited the Tower of London, Picaddilly Circus, and surprisingly the Wax Museum.  Bud was fascinated by the Criminology Section with its wax models of famous murderers in history.  Set in the basement, it was dimly lit with gruesome scenes that turned Rachel’s stomach.  Bud teased her relentlessly until they came to the Jack the Ripper display. Rachel buried her head in Bud’s chest, trying not to look and telling him he was ‘not right’ to enjoy all this.


Unable to resist her, Bud responded by taking her into a dark corner and kissing her full on.  His tongue parted her lips as he took her breath away with his passionate kisses.


For a moment, Rachel forgot where she was and kissed him back, rocking her body against his.  She was rewarded by the feel of his hardness against her stomach and his honeyed voice telling her.


“Let’s get out of here, I need you, I need to be inside you.”


Rachel gasped her agreement as they headed for the nearest exit.


As they reached the suite Bud remembered his messages.


“Exley shit, I forgot to phone the b……..  He’s left a bunch of messages for me.  I better call him back right away.


“I’ll book the call for you. OK?”


“Sure. Thanks.”


As they waited for the call, Rachel teased him, seductively undressing in front of him.  They continued to wait, not wanting to start anything in case Exley phoned back.  Bud was tormented. He just wanted to get  his hands on Rachel again. But he enjoyed the show she put on for him, seductively peeling stockings down her long legs, turning her back to look over her shoulder as she dropped the strap of her dress.


The tension built as they watched the phone.  Eventually, it rang.  Bud jumped up and answered it.


“Exley, yeah, good here.  I’m up for Monday, I got the schedule and I’ve found my way round, with a bit of help.”


Rachel blew him a kiss as she sneaked up behind and started rubbing his already engorged member.




“What did you say White?” Asked Exley.


“Never mind.”


Exley preached on whilst Rachel continued to torment Bud, stroking him and blowing on the back of his neck.”  Rachel could see he was in real trouble, he could hardly get his words out.  She loved the power she had over him.


Bud put the phone down and turned to her.  He decided to play along, but on his terms.  He gave her his most deadly stare (the one reserved for suspects).  Grabbing her by the arms he said, angrily, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?  That call was important, my whole career could depend on this.  This is not just a bit of fun, whatever you think!”  He saw a flicker of fear in Rachel’s eyes, he knew she wasn’t sure he was kidding.”  Smiling inside, he continued the power play.


A startled Rachel stared at him, wide-eyed; not catching on it was Bud’s sense of humour.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything, I’ll do anything to put it right.”


Stroking her face seductively, he asked, “anything, you sure about that?”


Heart pounding, not knowing what to expect she watched him undress and get on the bed.  Taking her clothes off she lay down next to him, beginning the now familiar pattern of erotic foreplay.  She waited for Bud to say something, he didn’t.  He stroked and kissed her, arousing every nerve in her body.  He was taking it slow, using all his skill to bring her to the brink of orgasm, but just stopping short.  He was driving her mindless with his relentless teasing.   “For God’s sake, just………..”


“Just what?  Don’t tease you; don’t drive you crazy, like you did me?  Is that what you want?  When he got no reply, he increased his onslaught, taking perverse pleasure in her tortured moans.


“Did you mean it, baby? You’ll do anything?” he asked.


She stopped abruptly.  “I think I know what you’re going to ask me.  I want to do it, I just don’t know how… I’ve never..” she said, glancing at his hardened member, licking her lips.


Bud laughed, confusing her even more.  “Honey, I was just teasing, I’d never make you do anything you don’t want to. Don’t you know me better than that?


“I know but I’ve been thinking about it, I want to try it.  Part of me thinks it is too dirty to even speak about, but I’ve got this urge, it’s so strong.  Show me what to do”, she said, jacking him gently.


Bud took her free hand and slipped her forefinger into his mouth.  His large tongue licked it all over, sucking the tip and the underside before sliding it in and out between his lips.  He kept sucking as her head lowered to his erect cock.


Grasping it between her thumb and forefinger she copied Bud’s actions.  She looked up to see his head jerk violently at her touch, his mouth losing its grip on her finger for a moment.  She felt his whole body judder as both their suckings became stronger and faster.  Copying him action for action she began to enjoy herself.  He tasted salty and the satin-like feel of him in her mouth was making her feel weak and yet strong, as she witnessed her power over him.  Feeling pleased with herself, she began to increase her speed when she felt Bud’s hands in her hair, firmly yanking her off.  Not quite realising what was happening, she looked up at him.


“Don’t want to come in your mouth, least not this time.  Sit on me baby!” Pulling her roughly on top of him his hand guided the way to her waiting sex.  He found her saturated as he slipped in easily, filling her completely.  Hands on her hips, he guided her, slowly at first as she rocked back and forth, stopping occasionally to rotate and increase her own pleasure.  Bud watched her face.  Her sexuality was in full bloom as her confidence increased.  Lifting his hips off the bed, he met her on every move, stroking her ass, her clitoris, anywhere he could reach.


Rachel built quickly, heart pounding, blood pulsing through every vein in her body.  She felt herself grip him tight as she gushed to orgasm, biting him hard as she came.  It was enough to trigger his own climax as he hammered home.


The force of his coming convulsed through his whole body, finally ending a violent spurt inside her.  Breathing heavily, he supported her limp body quivering in aftershock.


They lay for a while, their energy spent.


Bud spoke first. “You know honey, you never should interfere with an Officer in the course of his duty.”


Rachel didn’t even have the strength to laugh as she lay, her spent body next to his.


“Yes sir, officer,” she replied giggling.


The day flew past and before they knew it, it was time to dress for the theatre.  A selection of tuxedos had been delivered to the suite.  Bud found one to fit him, whilst Rachel ducked in the bathroom with a suitcase.  She gave strict orders to stay out of the way.


Eventually, the door opened and she swept out.  Bud hardly recognised her.  Her hair was pinned up in a fancy style.  She wore a long, deep blue evening gown, tiny satin shoes, a mink stole, and a necklace that could have belonged to the Crown Jewels.


“Will I do?”  She twirled.


“Maybe,” said Bud, teasing. “Will I do?” He retorted.


“Na, you look like a rag and bone man,” she said laughing hysterically.


“Whaat…?” Bud asked, looking mystified, tugging awkwardly at the stiff collar of his shirt.


“You look gorgeous, Bud White— and you know it!  Come on, hurry up, we can’t be late.”


It was a glitzy event as they walked up the red carpet into the Theatre Foyer. Rachel had neglected to tell him their seats were in a Box.  She led him down a corridor and opened the door to their seats overlooking the stage.


“F…….” Bud stopped himself swearing as he sat down.  “A fucking Box,” he thought, shaking his head.  The audience looked up as they sat down.  He felt like a movie star.  He enjoyed the play too, all the quirky English accents.


They left the theatre.  It was a glorious night, so warm and pleasant.  Finding a small intimate restaurant they took a table in the corner.  There was a sense of inexplicable happiness as they enjoyed their meal together.  Observers could have thought they were a long established couple, happy and comfortable in each other’s company.


Rachel had a couple of drinks explaining she was not used to it, but seeing as she was growing up…


Bud watched with growing affection as she relaxed, giggled and let down her hair in the middle of the restaurant.  The more she relaxed, the more she drank.  Bud sipped on a single whiskey, he wanted to stay alert.


By the end of the meal Rachel was pretty drunk.  She couldn’t really understand it.  She was not one to let go and lose control, she kept telling Bud, “I’m a good girl, really!”


“Not anymore you ain’t,” he laughed as he lifted her into the car and headed back to the hotel.


By the time he got there she was fast asleep.  She could barely stand as propped her up on the way to the suite.  Charles gave an enquiring look as they passed.  He had never seen Miss Wiseman in such a state, and asked if there was anything he could do.


Bud told him everything was OK, as he headed towards the suite.  Holding her with one arm, he opened the door and carried her to the bed.  She was fast asleep as he undressed her, hoping she would wake up.  He was rock hard as he began kissing her.  She opened her eyes momentarily.


“Oooh Bud, sorry I got drunk. I need the loo.”  Staggering to the bathroom, holding her head, she headed for the toilet.”  She came out a few minutes later, obviously very unwell.


Bud was already in bed waiting for her.  Her naked body nestled next to his as she apologised, “sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I don’t think I can, you know.  I don’t drink, I just felt so grown up I thought I could handle it.”


“OK baby, go to sleep,” Bud murmured, holding her gently, his body aching for her.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


The final day arrived.  After a long morning lovemaking session they finally made it out of bed.


“I could stay here all day.”  Rachel smiled, satisfied.


“Me too, but it’d be good to take some air and give my cock a rest.”


Rachel screeched laughing at his brazenness.


“Oooh you say rude things.”


“You ain’t heard nothin’ yet doll.” And he meant it!


What remained of the day was spent in a whirlwind of sightseeing from the Houses of Parliament to a brief stop outside New Scotland Yard.  Bud had an inexplicable need to keep physical contact with Rachel; holding her hand, dropping a small kiss on her hair when she wasn’t expecting it.  He only broke contact when he had to. Part of him felt like he was a teenager again.


Rachel adored the attention he lavished on her.  He wasn’t hugely demonstrative, that was not in his nature.  He simply connected with her all the time making her feel loved and protected.  It was like she was the only person in his world.  She loved the excitement of being with him and the way her body reacted to his sensuous touch.


They finished up in a classic English Tea Room with china cups and roses on the wallpaper.  Bud had never tasted food like it.  He even suffered a cup of English tea.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.


Back at the hotel, Rachel donned jeans and baggy jumper in readiness for the Beat Club and meeting David.  Bud had had enough with the monkey suit and stayed in his suit and tie.  He didn’t give a fuck what people thought, and took no notice of Rachel’s protestations.


As they drove there, Rachel thanked him for offering to help. “I appreciate your input here.  You’ve got a lot more experience in life.” She told him.


“Happy to be of service.” He smiled.


Making their way down three flights of stone steps they entered a dark, dank cellar.  A group called the Beatles were playing.  Bud thought they weren’t half bad as he sat down with a gaggle of spotty youths he assumed were Rachel’s friends from University.  She was right about the clothes.  He felt awkward, like someone’s dad.


Rachel introduced Bud and everyone except David, greeted him warmly.  The noise was deafening so they headed for David’s office at the back of the club.


There was an instant hostility between the two men as Bud realised David had the hots for Rachel.  “Fucking little asshole,” he thought as David bragged about his recent entrepreneurial conquests.


Rachel looked impressed as David told her his employment agency was booming and it had been a stroke of luck to book the Beatles.


Bud got out a pen and pad, stared straight at him and said. “We came here to go over this job in Israel and Rachel’s safety, so how about you cut the crap and we get down to business?”


David glared at Bud as he outlined the details of the assignment. One month overseas, a week at home, followed by the same. Rachel would stay at the British Embassy and be under their protection.


“What about ‘in the field’? Bud asked.


David said something would be arranged.  Bud told him,  “not good enough pal, you’re gonna have to do better than that.”  There were more questions about safety, bullet- proof jackets, accommodation, medical care; far more things than Rachel would have ever thought about.  She was grateful to have him with her.


David was pissed at this smart arse cop, but Bud took no notice and continued with the questioning.


“Something’s off here,” Bud thought. “Little creep is gonna make big bucks sending her out there. That’s all he’s fucking interested in.”


Bud was furious.  David was livid at being caught out, even though Rachel had agreed to fly out on Friday.


The office door flew open. Sandy rushed in to them the Beatles were coming back.  Rachel jumped up telling them she’d have to go and they could discuss the final details.


Bud adopted his interrogation stance as he folded his hands and laid them on the table.


“So, what’s in it for you David?” Bud asked voice low.


“I don’t’ know what you mean.”


“Yes you do!” Bud’s tone was uncompromising.


David was feeling very threatened and decided the best form of defence, was attack.  He decided they were right, Reuben, Rachel’s family, they were right to question this man from nowhere.


“How old are you?” David asked sharply


“None of your fucking business sonny!” Bud replied curtly


David gasped at his language, fears confirmed, he lashed out.


“They’re right about you!  Reuben and the others.  You’re just some second rate thug who is after her money!  You’ve got a bloody cheek questioning me, at least I’m straight up, not a con merchant like you!”


Bud sat stock still, reeling at what he just heard.


“That’s it!” Bud thought as he stood up, leaned over the table. He was just about to get hold of David by the throat when the door opened and Rachel grabbed his hand, shouting, “come on lover, it’s no fun without you!”


A startled Bud lowered his hand as David breathed a sigh of relief.  Bud looked at him, “We’ll finish this later, we’re not done yet!”


David said nothing, he could see Bud was about to lose it and it merely confirmed their suspicions.


Bud sat downstairs nursing a whiskey.  He was still simmering, and he felt fucking out of place in his suit with all these kids.  David joined the gang downstairs.  Bud could feel their bad vibes, but there was nothing he could do without embarrassing Rachel.


Rachel sat down.  She’d noticed Bud not looking too happy.


“Rachel, I gotta go baby.  You stay if you want honey; you need to see your buddies.  I’ll meet you back at the hotel.”


Rachel looked confused, what had happened?  She looked at David, busy gesticulating to the group.  Something was very wrong.


“OK, let’s go,” she said as she shouted to the group she was leaving.  David went to talk to her.  Bud stood up and blocked his path, said nothing, didn’t have to.


It was late when they arrived back at the hotel.  Both were very quiet.  Rachel knew instinctively not to question Bud, the mood he was in. Bud had already decided this was going nowhere and he’d have to tell her.


Bud spoke first, “David’s an asshole Rachel was shocked at his language.  “Sorry honey, this is me, can’t stay on my best behaviour forever.  I cuss some.  It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just how I am, a thug cop!” His voice self-deprecating.


Rachel’s eyes were wide as she asked him what he meant.


“He’s going to make big bucks sending you to Israel, no guarantees for your safety.  Fucking little prick!!!!!!  His eyes blazed in anger as he spoke.


Rachel didn’t know what to say, but as she went to speak she heard.


“Fucker says I’m just after your money.  Reuben thinks that, so do your family!”


Rachel’s world was falling apart right in front of her eyes. “Bloody David, little rat.  He’s Reuben’s best mate, I should have known… but I want the job…  you know how I feel about it.


“I know, but I think we should call it quits baby.  We got no future with all this stacked against us.”  His matter of fact voice concealed his true feelings as the truth dawned on him.  He was beginning to fall in love with her, but he’d wreck her life if they stayed together, and he couldn’t do it.


Bud slammed his fist in anger on the coffee table.  The lamp fell off and smashed into pieces.


Rachel stood motionless staring at him, eyes wide and speechless.  She felt scared.  Scared of the violence in him.  Then his words sank in and she realised what he’d said. Silently, she headed for the bathroom and slammed the door hard.


Bud heard the lock click and the soft sound of sobbing coming from inside.  He paced up and down, poured a whiskey and pondered his next move.  He couldn’t leave it like this. It had been so good.  She deserved better than him just walking out.


After a while he knocked at the door.  The sobbing had become quieter.  He asked her to come out.  She threw something at the door.  He jumped back at the force of the bang.


He had to talk to her.  Raising his voice he commanded. “Open the door! Now!”


When no reply came, Bud flicked the lock with his penknife and went in.  The sight that met him melted his heart.  Rachel was sitting on a pile of fluffy towels on the floor.  Dressed only in her bra and pants, her head tipped forward, she was a sight for sore eyes.  Her thick hair cascaded over her shoulders, partly concealing the swell of her breasts.  She was still the sexiest fucking broad he had ever seen.  The crying had stopped. He could hear small after-sobs punctuate the silence.


“Three times!” She spoke angrily, looking directly at him.  “Three times.”


Bud had no idea what she was talking about, “whaat?” He asked.


“On the plane, in the park and with David.  I’ve only known you two days and you’ve been violent three times.  I’m a bloody pacifist!”


“I was protecting you.”  Bud retorted angrily.


Without warning Rachel picked up a toilet roll and hurled it at him.  Bud swerved to avoid it.  She grasped the gold plated toilet roll holder, picked it up, drew back and suddenly stopped.  “Look, you’re making me violent now!”  Slamming it down, her eyes were blazing with anger as she said, “sod off, you’ve made your choice, and to use your words, get the fuck out of here!”


Refusing to look at him, she sat with her head on her knees and curled herself into a ball.


Bud felt like he’d been kicked in the stomach as he looked at what he’d done.  What the fuck had she done to warrant this?  His fucking temper had got the better of him, again!


When she didn’t move, he stooped down and stroked her hair.  He felt a lump in his throat, but swallowed hard to disguise the raw emotion as he spoke softly, “sorry baby, didn’t mean to lose it back there. I can explain.”


Rachel peered up at him.  She looked confused and hurt as he swept her in his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her down gently, he kissed her and undressed them both.  Making no resistance her expression changed from distress to lust as she watched him undress.


“Stop talking eh?  It only fucks us up OK?”




Her gentle Bud was back as he stroked her stomach; still feeling the quiet sobs quivering beneath his fingertips.  He leant gently over her, dropping small kisses on her belly and licking her sensuously.  She went to speak.  He silenced her with the most beautiful kiss she’d ever known.  It started as a gossamer light touching of lips that turned into pure passion as his tongue reached every corner of her mouth.  Her body shook in response as he rained the lightest of touches on her; so gentle and exquisite, it felt like she was floating.  She lay back, lost in the pleasure of his electric touch.


She tried to reach for him.  He stopped her.  This was for her.  He could wait.


Lying on his back, he pulled her on top of him. Rachel thought he wanted to fuck this way and was surprised when he clasped her buttocks and guided her up to his face.


“Gotta taste you baby!” Grabbing the headboard to steady herself she watched as his hot breath blew on her waiting sex. It felt different this way, much more powerful.  She spread her legs wider and tried to make contact.  His large hands caressed her buttocks as he held her back, continuing to blow warm air the length of her slit.


It was too much to bear.  Grabbing the back of his head she nudged his face towards her.  He could resist no longer as he lapped her sweet juices.  She screamed as his tongue swiped the length of her with strong, deliberate strokes.


Rachel undulated against him, panting, whimpering, her hair tossing back and forth wildly.   She felt him fasten his lips on her hard nub, and begin to suck softly.  His hands were spreading her, exposing her to this exquisite pleasure as his tongue circled her, stopping and pressing hard before he gripped her tightly between his lips and sucked hard.


She came hard; harder than she had ever done before.  He felt it as he licked her softly, letting her come down gently.


Her smell and taste were making him harder than he’d been in his life.  He was afraid he’d just come as he steeled himself and tried to hang on.


Still holding her hips he sighed as she backed down his body.  Overcome by a pure lack of strength, she paused as he cupped her breasts, kneading them flicking her nipples, loving the feel of her.  His fingers grazed her belly softly, dipping in and out of her wetness.


“Let me get off Bud, let me lie down.  I want to feel you on top of me like you were the first night….please?”


Happy to oblige, Bud eased her off him and onto her back.  The sight of her freshly climaxed body hit something deep inside him.  He wanted to love her with everything he had.


“Rachel,” his voice was trembling, he could barely speak.


“I want you,” Rachel pleaded.


Rachel’s hands stroked his broad chest, biting, nipping and kissing him as he hovered above her.  She felt that pre-sex excitement as it rippled through her body.  The expectation of what was to come from the sheer power of his magnificent body.


Rachel parted her legs as he moved between them.  Hooking them around his back she groaned in anticipation as she felt him at her entrance.  His hand reached inside her, gathering her wetness and spreading it over his shaft.  She tried to watch his face as he slid inside her, a little at a time.  He was larger than she had ever known and she needed time to adjust each time he penetrated further.  Feelings of bliss washed over her as hilted inside her.  Her face relaxed as she physically and emotionally accepted all he gave, his body, his love, his soul.  She could see something in his eyes; he did have feelings for her.


Withdrawing completely, he slid back in smoothly, his fingertips stroking her bud, driving her mindless.


“Do it, love me like you want to.  Let go and love me!”  Rachel’s voice was husky as moaned her words.


“Harder, please?” She begged.


Bud’s thrusts became more urgent, faster as he watched her writhe in pleasure beneath him.  Her body was erupting with pleasure as he dipped his head to kiss her as he came.  It was the ultimate connection as his seed exploded inside her, hot, wet, spurring her on to her own climax.


“Mother of God!” Bud roared as his body quaked from head to toe.  “Mother of God!” As his body juddered to a halt.


Rachel smiled as she drew him tenderly to her loving the feel of him inside her, not wanting him to withdraw and break the connection.


He laid his cheek against hers.  She felt wetness, he had shed tears. Her beautiful Bud had cried in passion.  She bit her lip as she tried to stop her own tears.


“I love you Bud, no matter what you do, who you are, I just love you. Even if I never see you again I will cherish the gift you’ve given me, forever.”


Bud slid out and drew her to him.


“Honey, I got no words.  Words just fuck me up, but you know how I feel.”  His eyes were wet.  It was like he was the virgin, like he’d never known love, maybe he never had, maybe it was all just good fucking.  What a travesty?  She thought he was giving her a gift… but the truth dawned.  The gift was hers!


They talked, kissed and loved all night.  Bud explained about how his mother had died and he couldn’t bear to see women mistreated.  Rachel said she understood. He told her all about the Nite Owl, Exley and how he’d finally proven himself to be a ‘proper’ detective.  He talked more than Rachel had ever known.  It was like he was trying to connect with her on as many levels as possible.  He wanted her to know him; the real Bud White, not the thug he’d been forced to become because of Dudley.


Rachel could see what he was trying to do and reassured him.  “Bud, I know you.  It’s like an instinct thing, you don’t need words to explain yourself to me, you don’t owe me anything, I just love you.”


Bud smiled lovingly at her.  “You’re no kid, for sure.”


“Well, I did tell you,” she said grinning.  “I’m all woman, thanks to you,” she whispered seductively.


“Fucking right you are,” he growled plundering her lips with his hot kisses.


Time was precious, no time to sleep.  Neither cared about being tired the next day.  Tonight was all that mattered, the magic and closeness of it all.  Rachel turned off all the lights but left the curtains and windows open.  The night scent of the Park drifted lazily into the room.  It blended erotically with the darkness, lifting their passion to an ethereal level.


When they could love no more, they slipped into a spent slumber of blissful dreams.


When dawn broke, heaviness engulfed the room.  They lay for a long while, neither wishing to move and break their connection. They made small talk in an attempt to stave off their feelings.


Rachel tried to speak, but no words came out.  There was so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted to do, but time had run out.


Bud was quiet too.  He could almost read her mind.  Her face said it all as she got out of bed and leaned against the large window overlooking their park.


Bud came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzled her neck and inhaled her cinnamon hair.  He felt a deep sigh as she slid her small hand under his and leant back luxuriously into his solid frame.


“You see.. I just wanted my first time to not be a disaster.  I didn’t expect… I couldn’t have known, not in a million years.  I’ve never even come close with anyone else.  It’s like you woke some sleeping volcano and now there’s no turning back.  What if?……”


“Sshhh, You got me too honey, neither of us expected this,” Bud said as he kissed her deeply.  “We better get going before I get hard again OK?” he said wryly.  Bud glanced at his watch, time was pressing.  He held Rachel close, stroking her hair, storing the memory of her in his mind.


Rachel looked at him, hugged him tightly and reluctantly let go.  Taking a last look around the suite, The Dorchester would never quite be the same again, she thought, smiling to herself.


“I don’t leave for Israel until Friday, I’ve got your number in Wales, and I’ll phone you as soon as I get home.  I’d say phone me, but it looks like they’ve got a lynch mob waiting for you.”


“You be OK with your folks?” Bud asked.  He was concerned about the reception she was going to get, on account of him.  “I’d talk to them, if I thought it would help,” he offered


“Best not eh.  Not just now.  Give things time to settle down? I’m expecting a load of flack, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.  I’ve made up my mind and I know what I want… thanks to you, lover.  I’ll only be there a few days, and I can escape to Wales.  It’s not far, just a couple of hours drive.”


Bud’s eyes lit up at the thought of seeing her again, “sure hope so honey,” he murmured.


Bud helped her load the car, checked his pocket for the paperwork and began preparing mentally for his first meeting with the British Police.  He certainly looked the part with his clean shirt and freshly pressed suit.  Bud could do the job standing on his head, but how was he going to feel without Rachel?


They stopped briefly at Bud’s hotel while he dropped his case off, paid the bill and checked out.  They would keep his luggage till later.


Bud pulled up around the corner from the Police Station.  He started talking about Israel and telling her how she need to look out for herself and take no shit from that creep David, and if she had any trouble with her parents, he’d come over and put them straight.  He talked nervously, changing subjects, staring at her all the time, holding her hand, stroking her hair.  He experienced a deep sense of loss even though she’d not left yet.


Rachel watched him curiously.  He was always in control, even when he was in a temper, more so when he was mad.  This was a side of him she’d not seen before.  His eyes looked intense, as if his mind was in overdrive, trying to work things out.  For the first time, she felt concern for him.  Would he be OK without her?  It was a strange feeling. It didn’t feel right.  He was her protector, but he suddenly appeared very vulnerable.  Should she back out of Israel, she wondered, knowing in reality she couldn’t.


They said little on their way to West End Police Station, eventually arriving outside.  Bud glanced at his watch again. He had to go!   Rachel had promised to phone him and he knew she would.


They shared a last deep kiss as they held each other tightly.


Stroking his cheek she said, “Love you. I’m going to miss you so much.”


Bud was overcome with emotion, he just nodded.  She knew what he meant.


“Oh by the way, I put a present in your case.  Open it when you get to Wales.  Make sure you’re on your own I don’t want you to forget me.” Her voice sounded mysterious.


“As if I could?” Bud murmured.


There was no time to question her as Bud threw her a puzzled look.


“Au revoir.. n’est pas adieu,” she said smiling.


His tender look said it all as he straightened up from his favourite mini car, jutted his chin and body to their professional stance and walked into his new job.


As Rachel watched him leave, she knew she would have to see him again, and very soon.