A Belated Anniversary: September 1st, 1991 in Australia…

This was the release date for the television mini-series Brides of Christ, which featured a very young Russell Crowe as Dominic Maloney.


The series is described as follows on Wikipedia:

Brides of Christ was an Australian television miniseries produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1991.

The series takes place behind the walls of a Sydney convent school and deals with the struggles of both the Roman Catholic nuns and the young students to adapt to the many social changes taking place within the church and the outside world during the 1960s.

Six fifty-minute episodes were made. Each episode focused on a particular story and set of characters. Some characters would appear in multiple episodes with varying levels of prominence from episode to episode. Lead characters in one episode might appear in a support role in another episode. Josephine Byrnes’ character was the focus of both the first and last episodes.

In her first major role, Naomi Watts starred as Frances, one of the students. One episode also guest starred the then unknown Russell Crowe as a young man distressed about being called up for the Vietnam War.


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