And the Razzie Goes To…

Ah, to be ranked with the likes of Halle Berry and Nicholas Cage. You see, they’ve won the Academy Award for their acting, but they have also been bestowed with a notorious Razzie, the award given for the worst. You have to give Halle props though! She had such a great sense of humor, she showed up to accept her Razzie for Catwoman, with her Oscar for Monster’s Ball in hand.

Oh well, this actor didn’t win the Razzie on this specific date, but the movie in which he appeared was released on this day in 1991, yet another attempt to outdo the Errol Flynn 1938 masterpiece. And the only reason this movie is getting a mention is that Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott did their own version, something we discussed last month. 

We’re speaking of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Oscar winner (Dances with Wolves) Kevin Costner in the titular role. The film was a box office hit, becoming the second-highest grossing movie of 1991, despite mixed reviews and criticism of Costner’s attempt at or lack of attempt at an English accent. Not only did Costner ‘win’ the Razzie for worst actor, but his co-star Christian Slater was up for worst supporting actor (for this movie and Mobsters. I guess it wasn’t Slater’s year). A bit of trivia: Costner has been nominated at least 7 times for the Razzie and has ‘won’ three. 

The movie also starred Morgan Freeman, the late Alan Rickman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and an uncredited Oscar and BAFTA winner in a surprise cameo. Take it away, Kevin!



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