Another Belated Anniversary: September 16th, 1993

On September 16th twenty-three years ago in Australia, The Silver Brumby was released. In the various overseas market it is entitled The Silver Stallion, and even The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies.

Amazon’s editorial review describes the movie as: Deep in the heart of the highest and most remote mountain range are the home and hiding place for the legendary Silver Stallion. The Ranchers tell stories about the silver ghost horse that has led them on wild chases half seen but never captured. For one man (Russell Crown) the desire to capture the silver stallion has become an obsession and he will stop at nothing to tame the wild beast. Told through the words of a mother as she writes page-py-page entertainment for her horse- crazy daughter. 

Wikipedia gives a similar description: …a 1993 Australian drama-family film, directed by John Tatoulis, and starring actors Caroline Goodall, Russell Crowe and Amiel Daemion. It was based on the Silver Brumby series of novels by Elyne Mitchell.

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