Gaslight Historic Date – June 22nd: ‘Oh how the mighty have fallen’

Approximately four days following his defeat at Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte’s second reign as Emperor of France came to an end. Several months later, he would begin his exile on remote St. Helene, where he would spend the remainder of his life.

What had the former Emperor said upon thinking over the battle which cost him his Crown and his Empire? ‘It was fate; for, after all, I ought to have won that battle.’ That along with blaming his generals, and on occasion taking a bit of the blame himself. It doesn’t appear he credited the strategies of the Duke of Wellington at all.

Napoleon in Coronation Robes – The                   Good Old Days

                                                                            Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo by Hippolyte Bellangé

Napoleon After The Battle Of Waterloo by François Flameng



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