How i Met Cort……and Russell


In 1995 i saw previews for “The Quick and the Dead” in a movie theater.   i thought it looked like a cool movie; but i never saw it until 2001 on TV.   After seeing it for a second time, i noticed “Cort”.  i discovered he was played by Russell Crowe, who was then in a recently released “Proof of Life”.   The funny thing was that at some point in time, i had seen previews for “Romper Stomper” and “Gladiator” on TV and never realized it was the same actor in all those movies.
i know “TQATD” was written as an homage to spaghetti westerns and some people took it too seriously.   i don’t think it was meant to be totally serious.  i enjoyed the acting, the sets looked authentic, and it had plenty of gun fighting action.    This movie spawned a lot of fan fiction and furthered Russell Crowe’s career.   It also gave Gene Hackman another delightfully villainous role to add to his repertoire.   It wasn’t a perfect movie; but i’ve enjoyed the 20 or so times i’ve re-watched it! 

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