June 26th, 1990 – his movie debut…

On the twenty-sixth of June in 1990, in what is considered his motion picture debut, Russell Crowe appeared as Lieutenant Jack Corbett in the film Prisoner of the Sun (aka Blood Oath). The role is a supporting one, but he is working beside a remarkable cast: Bryan Brown (Breaker Morant, The Thorn Birds), Terry O’Quinn (The Stepfather, Lost), and George Takei (Star Trek).

Per IMDB, the story is as follows:

On an obscure Pacific Island just north of Australia, the Japanese Empire has operated a prisoner of war camp for Australian soldiers. At the close of World War II, the liberated POWs tell a gruesome tale of mass executions of over eight hundred persons as well as torture style killings of downed Australian airmen. In an attempt to bring those responsible to justice, the Australian Army establishes a War Crimes Tribunal to pass judgement on the Japanese men and officers who ran the Ambon camp. In an added twist, a high ranking Japanese admiral is implicated, and politics become involved with justice as American authorities in Japan lobby for the Admiral’s release.


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