Mr. Hyde…No Longer in Hiding?

Nope. He no longer is, according to these recent images and video which have now hit the Internet for the upcoming Universal Studios’ reboot of The Mummy. The June release is the first in what they’re claiming will be a reintroduction to the world of the Golden Age Universal Monsters (you know, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman, Dracula…Hmm…are The Invisible Man, the Bride of Frankenstein and The Creature From the Black Lagoon not far behind?).

At any rate, here’s an image of Crowe we’re guessing after his Mr. Hyde transformation (pretty creepy) and some new footage. The photo is courtesy of the website Following the Nerd but is also appearing on other “nerdy” websites including,, and, as well as trending in the Twitterverse. 

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