So, as a fan of Star Wars…and a fan of Han Solo specifically, I was excited to hear about plans for a YOUNG Han Solo movie to be released by Disney in the sometime near future. However, I was NOT so excited to see who they chose to play the young Corellian. Seriously?! He looks likes he should be playing a Young Danny Torrence.


Well, it turns out, there IS another…


His name is Jamie Costa and he first came into prominence not long after the loss of Robin Williams (may he rest in peace!). As an impressionist and aspiring actor, he put out a Vine/YouTube video of a dedication to the man’s best known roles. Viewers FREAKED because this young man looks and sounds frighteningly like Williams. Such was his near instant fame that he soon began making other videos and even graduating into commercials imitating a wide variety of well known actors.


Well, folks, I’m posting this because I CANNOT resist. Just watch. I think you’ll recognize someone in particular…just ask yourself: is that a young RUSSELL that I see?!


(P.S.) Have fun guessing all his other impressions as well.


Jamie has just recently finished filming “Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade’ and it is now in post-production. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook.


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