Tavern Update

A new chapter is up in the Tavern – Chapter Six of Sharon’s “Ashokan Falls” – this was not the kind of entrance Chloe was hoping to make at the Point.


And a story by Joan – the first part of “Programmed For Success”. Joan is a member of the Point from its early days and her story introduces programmer Siobhan to Maximus, our favorite gladiator, as well as sets her up to be an experiment for SID 6.7. But is SID really interested in improving himself? Hope we find out in subsequent chapters!


If you find that you’ve come into the middle of a Tavern story posted on the blog, an easy way to find earlier chapters is to go to the Tavern in our menu bar, where our drop-down menu will show you the various authors. Click on the author of interest and you will find a list of their stories. Currently, stories that are in the process of being written will show up as blog post links on the author’s page. When the story is finished, it will be posted in total as a page of its own.


If there are any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our emails are at the footer of the main page.


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