This Is No Swan Dive


There he is. A veritable picture of suave sophistication.

Isn’t he just dapper? You’d think he was posing for his portfolio, with a mile long sheet of corporate accomplishments and financial acumen. He’ll give Trump a run for his money! (“YOU’RE FIRED” you hear somewhere behind you.)

He’s the epitome of entrepreneurism! He’s gonna rule Wall Street!

But then, you notice the hand mixer in the back and you double-check your evaluation. Is this a joke? Then there’s that rumor you heard that no one knows exactly where he comes from. And he bleeds blue

This is no joke, SID 6.7 whispers in your ear. This is the portrait of a fifty terrabyte, self-evolving, neural network, double backflip off the high platform.

And you’re next!

SID is a permanent fixture here at the Point, a necessary evil, you might say. While some of his more violent proclivities have been defanged, there’s still a lot of restless insanity packed into the perfect form of a man who knows a million different unsettling ways to get what he wants. Meeting him has become almost a rite of passage at the Point. Certainly unavoidable, as his primary goal is to get your attention.

But if you’re one who has a soft spot for the cybernetic being with over 200 criminal personalities uploaded as psychoactive software, you should check out one of our Library stories: Mirrorball by Tawny.

And maybe you think SID has found a useful purpose for himself at the Point. After all, he’s not able to take on the murder sprees of his “youth” any more…is he? A superior intellect like his needs to adapt to his environment, and since he has such wonderful examples around him, like Maximus, Bud, John Biebe…hell, even an outlaw like Cort can be turned. Why not a computer generated creature like himself?

At least, that’s what he tells Siobhan when he invites her to join the crew at the Point, to assist him in his own reprogramming. SID’s in control, guys! What could possibly go wrong?

You hear a soft giggle behind you and all the blood drains to your feet.

Have fun!


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