In case you didn’t notice, we have a new dress on! Life is full of change and so are we in trying to make this site a pleasant experience in navigation and reading.

Also, new pictures have been uploaded into the Rough Magic folder in our gallery. I have been assured that there is LOTS more (not just for Rough Magic but for other movies as well) where those came from and we make continued efforts to install them.

If you happen to see a story that just really moves you, feed the author some love! Love makes an author’s inspiration grow.

This past week: Joan updated her story “Programmed For Success”. It can be found under her folder – or “booth” – in the Tavern.

Taffey has added a couple of more stories to her list, found under the “Single Character” folder in her Tavern booth.

Tina has begun uploading an “oldie” but goodie from the early days of Gaslight, when the writers were given a challenge to give a favorite fairy tale the Russell Crowe treatment (center the story around one of his characters). She will post the chapters in our blog, and then link back in a list in her Tavern booth.

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