‘Useless’ Trivia – Plus ‘That’s No Way To Hold a Gun’ and The Neverending Debate (Kirk v. Picard)

My thanks and full credit to IMDB, because this moderator has only seen bits and pieces of this movie.

+ Helen Slater, as previously mentioned, played the titular role in the 1984 Supergirl movie. Kara Zor-El, her Kryptonian name, is the older cousin of Kal-El (aka Superman). 

+ In Man of Steel, Russell Crowe played Jor-El (aka Superman), the biological father of Kal-El (aka Superman). 

+ The skinhead/neo-Nazi dude’s tattooing is supposedly identical to that worn by the Aussie skinhead/neo-Nazi character Hando, whom Russell played to critical acclaim in the Australian movie Romper Stomper

In the continuing age-old debate of who was the best captain on Star Trek, Grant and Supergirl pass the time by arguing the merits of James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart).

Mary: You know I once served a medium rare swiss steak to Patrick Stewart.

Zack Grant: Who’s Patrick Stewart?

Mary: Patrick Stewart, Picard, The greatest starship captain that ever lived.

Zack Grant: What about Kirk? Captain James T. Kirk?

Mary: Old news.

Zack Grant: What? What? You’re shunning the guy who went first where no man had ever been before?

Mary: He was a D-Type. Sub-A.

Zack Grant: Hey, he kicked Klingon ass, baby.

Mary: He was always breaking the prime directive, Picard never breaks the prime directive.

Zack Grant: That’s because he’s an old bald guy from Liverpool, he couldn’t break a date.

Mary: Oh! For Pete’s sake, grow up!

Zack Grant: Grow up, I don’t believe you sometimes…

Mary: How about you, Yuji? Who do you think was best?

Zack Grant: Oh yeah right, ask him…

Yuji: Sulu.

MaryZack Grant: Sulu?

Yuji: He should have been Captain.


Variations on the movie poster:

The ‘Notorious’ Original Movie Poster. Yeah, that pose looks good, but good grief, you shouldn’t AIM a gun that way! LOL

Cover Art For Another DVD Release

Per Wikipedia – Blu-Ray Cover Art


DVD Cover Art For The Polish Release


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