Olivier Redge

Olivier Redge is a very talented digital artist who created the beautiful SID 6.7 art for the memory of one of our Gaslight writers, Tonya Durdel. He was kind and generous as well as incredibly patient with our desire to make a memorial, qualities not lost on us since he resides in France and we are in the United States. And what he produced for us was an exceptional expression of the Russell Crowe character in a way that we feel beautifully honors both Tonya and the Gaslight site.

Thank you, Mr. Redge, for your time and graciousness! 


Olivier began painting two and a half years ago when, as a care-giver at a local E.R., he experienced a severe breakdown, after which he turned to drawing and painting. This was a very healing activity, one he endeavors to continue while working in Information Technology.

Olivier Redge lives in France with his wife and wonderful 12 year old daughter.

More examples of his art can be found at Deviant Art. 

@OlivierRedge at Twitter.

And at Ko-Fi